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Ellie O'Hara

Marketing Technologist, L1 @

Ellie O'Hara is a Marketing Technologist on both the onboarding and content teams at Webstacks. Ellie is originally from San Diego but attended school at Marist College in New York. At Marist, she spent much of her time studying sales and marketing, eventually graduating in 3 years with a B.S. in Business Administration. A few of Ellie's passions include marketing, working alongside others, and spending all of her free time outdoors. She loves the east coast almost as much as the west coast, but is very happy to be back home in ☀️ San Diego ☀️. As a part of the onboarding team, Ellie guides clients starting on their new HubSpot account. This includes training calls, sharing best practices for implementation, and providing ongoing support throughout the 90 days she has with them. As a part of the content team, Ellie focuses primarily on producing onboarding-based content to provide value to clients.