Project Manager

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Position Overview

As a Project Manager, you will be in responsible for helping to build, launch, promote and support the website and marketing needs for a select set of agency clients. Your daily mission is to ensure that the tasks for all projects in your care are getting done on time and on budget. We move these tasks forward by making sure that the relevant stakeholders have clarity on the objectives at hand.

The Day to Day

  • Practice maintaining the balance between making clients happy and managing their expectations properly.
  • Mantain a clear Asana board and delegate tasking, hours, and task descriptions to allow for the client and the dev team to have a clear understanding of what work is being done.
  • Act as the lead liaison for communications between agency talent and client stakeholders for every website and app project in your care.
  • Write effective task descriptions to help people to get as much clarity as possible for the day-to-day needs of the project.
  • Ensure that the tasks for your project tasks are getting completed efficiently in order to meet timetables for key project milestones.
  • Properly manage the allocated budgets for both time and expenses on every website project and/or marketing retainer under your care.
  • Raise a caution flag as soon as unforeseen time needs and/or expenses arise. Keep clients aware of all ongoing project costs as often as possible.
  • Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of project to each client every week in digest format.
  • Audit the time records of your projects to ensure that all records have clearly understandable value statements.

Experience and Education Requirments:

  • BA or BS degree
  • Minimum of 4 years of direct relevant experience
  • Experience as a Project Manager or Scrum Master in a development team
  • Ability to collaborate, lead and provide an environment that drives to superior results despite challenges with directors, product owners and project leads
  • Ability to lead a cross-functional team while motivating team members to their highest potential
  • Requires excellent oral and written communication skills as well as business presentation skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Interfaces effectively with all levels and across organizational lines
  • Demonstrated success at building team relationships and partnerships
  • Interpersonally strong and vocal while being professional and polite

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