Remesh Case Study

Leveraging the power of HubSpot enterprise.


Challenge is an artificial intelligence company striving to bridge cultural, political, social, economic and geographic divide to bring global unity.

  • Re-engineer and migrate existing landing pages to better support HubSpot's advanced features. 
  • Building a user-friendly drag-and-drop modular experience that meets the needs of the client's marketing team.
  • Creating an infrastructure which would enable rapid launch of client landing pages as well as A/B Testing



Supporting the client's internal design team throughout the entire development process.

  • Creating a beautiful user experience for both front-end users and back-end management.
  • Utilize A/B testing to optimize content for visitors
  • Using HubSpot drag and drop custom modules to give client's internal marketing team a seamless experience to develop new pages.


Our team delivered a number of assets to be used by the client's marketing team to attract and convert visitors

  • Created branded HubSpot landing pages to engage customers at various touch points
  • A redesigned blog was developed to leverage the clients growing inbound marketing strategy

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