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Content Managment System

A Content Management System is a platform that makes a website easily updatable. We partner with HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify and Contentful to develop easy-to-manage websites.

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Web Development
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Homepage 1 x $2, 400
1 Page Templates 1 x $1, 200
Web Design $0


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What is a page template?
A page template refers to a web page that has a unique design and layout that you can customize. Common examples of page templates include: Contact Template, Services Template, Products Template, Blog Listing Template, etc. Many pages on a website use the same template.
Why does mobile and tablet responsiveness cost extra?
We provide Mobile and Tablet responsiveness at no additional cost using stacking combined with best practices for enhanced user experience. However, many of our clients provide specific requirements and designs for mobile and tablet. In such cases we do charge a fee in order to accommodate the required specifications.
How long is the turn around?
The turnaround time varies based on complexity of the design and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, generally all web projects are completed between 60-90 days.