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A website is never finished — especially a B2B tech website. Welcome to ForwardSlash, the podcast that explores how B2B tech companies can leverage their websites for fast, efficient, predictable, and scalable growth.
In each episode, Webstacks Marketing Manager, Adam Buettner, takes a big issue affecting the B2B tech landscape and picks the brains of marketing leaders around the world to learn how it affects the questions B2B tech marketers should ask about their websites—and how to answer them.
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A website is never finished — especially a B2B tech website. Welcome to ForwardSlash, the podcast that explores how B2B tech companies.
Episode 18: Launching a Headless CMS for B2B SaaS Marketers in a Crowded Category

Alan Gleeson, CEO of Contento.io, shares on launching a headless CMS platform, B2B SaaS mistakes, and the website's role in revenue growth.

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Episode 17: Get B2B SaaS Competitive Strategy Right with the "Jobs to Be Done" Theory

Adam and Tony explore the Jobs to Be Done Framework for B2B SaaS strategy, discussing its impact on innovation, revenue, GTM teams, and ABX websites.

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Episode 16: B2B SaaS GTM Strategy: Going Upmarket in 2023 & Beyond

In this episode, Adam chats with Nadia Milani, VP of Marketing at Proposify, about her ABM/ABX journey, moving upstream from PLG, and the role of websites/microsites in supporting ABM/X tiers. Let's dive in.

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Episode 15: How FullStory Upgraded their Website to a Pipeline-Generating Machine

FullStory's Director of Demand Generation, Sarah Segal, discusses team building, chatbot success, and website improvement.

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Episode 14: Openly Showcasing Your B2B PLG Product on Your Website Is a Good Thing

Mangomint's CMO explains vertical SaaS platforms' popularity, PLG brand website imagery, and dedicated dev resources.

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ForwardSlash Ep. 13: What You're Doing Wrong with ABM & How Microsites Can Make it Right w/ Corrina Owens of Gong

Corrina debunks ABM misconceptions and shares tactics for infiltrating target accounts.

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