ServiceTitan — Driving a digital transformation and website redesign for an industry leader


Building a platform for everything ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is the leading enterprise software platform for the multi-billion dollar home and commercial services industry. Over the years, ServiceTitan has attracted a loyal customer base, and the once small software company has become the #1 operating system for an entire industry in the United States.

We teamed up to deliver a high performing website with a digital infrastructure capable of supporting their high-growth strategy. The results speak for themselves.


An Overview

An obsession with performance

ServiceTitan has a company culture with an unshakable appetite for achieving the extraordinary. We share these values with them.

From the start our direction was clear — bring the ServiceTitan website into the 21st century with a state-of-the-art technology stack.

As such, ServiceTitan had two main requests — move the sites frontend technology stack to Gatsby and build a seamless integration between all their sales and marketing tools. Luckily for us, their marketing team already had a deep understanding of static websites and headless CMSs, which made our communication much easier.


A content layer that delivers enterprise at scale

As a high-growth company, ServiceTitan needed a digital infrastructure that could scale with their rapidly evolving marketing initiatives.The decision was made to utilize Contentful as the content layer for their new website.

There were a number of key-reasons behind the decision to use Contentful:

  • The ability to build modular website pages directly in Contentful
  • An API driven solution that allowed us to develop custom data relationships and increase productivity
  • A fast and easy Gatsby integration suited for tight project deadlines
  • A simplistic user interface for content editors and marketers


Improving time-to-market for all things digital

The ability to build modular pages was paramount for the ServiceTitan marketing team. We worked iteratively to develop a system of reusable site components flexible enough for rapidly launching new product pages or A/B testing current landing pages. A modular-page architecture meant that the marketing team could not only create pages directly in Contentful, but have the ability to add, edit, remove and reorder page-elements within, all without the need of a developer. In this case, Contentful was not only being used for storing content, but also for generating/modifying the page’s layout itself.


Delivering a big project with a tight deadline

ServiceTitan gave us the challenge of launching their new website from start to finish in 90 days (This also meant moving over two hundred of their landing pages, website pages and blog posts onto the new site). Contentful was integral in accomplishing this. Contentful’s API driven infrastructure allowed us to cut down on hundreds of hours of potential data-entry costs by allowing us to send site data like blog posts and meta data directly to Contentful via Contentful’s Content Delivery API.

Technology Stack
  • Gatsby
  • Contentful
  • Marketo