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Mike Truppa

Content Marketer, L1 @ Webstacks

Mike Truppa is a Content Marketer at Webstacks where he focuses on blockchain marketing and research. With a unique background in technical analysis, Mike is extremely interested in the fundamental growth of blockchain and finding early investment opportunities. Before his work at Webstacks, Mike worked in the entertainment industry in talent management and has been actively investing and trading cryptocurrencies since 2017. Most recently, Mike’s been diving in the NFT space, exploring the long-term potential and use cases of various projects. Born in South Korea and moving to the U.S. at 6 months old, Mike graduated in 2020 from Miami University with a B.S in Marketing and Emerging Technologies. After graduation, he spent the year honing in on technical analysis and recently joined the Webstacks team to help grow mainstream adoption and education of the blockchain space.