ServiceTitan Case Study

Driving a digital transformation and website redesign for an industry leader.



ServiceTitan is an all-in-one software solution for the home service industry. ServiceTitan's helps business owners drive growth by increasing customer satisfaction, improving business operations, and boosting revenue. ServiceTitan was seeking a partner to help manage their digital strategy and implement a rigorous optimization program to drive conversions.

  • Increase in the overall conversion rate of demo requests
  • Drive continuous, sustainable growth for their digital strategy
  • Build a culture of experimentation at ServiceTitan



Re-engineer the ServiceTitan customer experience by implementing data analytics tools to ease customer struggle, reduce friction, and fine-tune the user experience to generate more revenue.

  • Source Webstacks as an experimentation partner to provide strategic support and staff augmentation
  • Quick launch of data-driven A/B tests to generate lift and company-wide buy-in
  • Continuous improvement strategy developed around generating revenue through conversion rate optimization


The result is a tangible culture of experimentation that’s fueling the company’s digital growth strategy.

  • Back-to-back winning experiments, resulting in double-digit conversion rate lift
  • Increase buy-in for conversion rate optimization

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