About us

The internet is our canvas.

Our mission is to design and build scalable, beautiful, and cutting-edge websites.

Our Timeline

Milestones to remember

Every step in our journey marks a moment of growth, a challenge overcome, and a new chapter in our story. This timeline isn’t just a reflection of our past; it’s a roadmap to our future, punctuated with moments that define who we are.


Brothers Nikan and Shawn partner up to start Webstacks.


Webstacks moves into their first HQ in downtown San Diego.


Webstacks lands their first unicorn.


Webstacks is named 2021 Gatsby Agency of the Year.


Webstacks celebrates the hire of their 50th full-time employee.


Webstacks is named one of San Diego’s Top Workplaces.


Webstacks accumulates $1.8B in total funding secured for clients.

Our Values

Say more

Every team member and every client has full access to one other and full transparency into the process. For some this is weird, for us this is the way.

Be real

Our aim is to make everyone feel heard and valued, creating lasting bonds that go beyond just work.

Crack the code

Technology is always changing. Our clients rely on us to help navigate these changes and provide direction.

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