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ServiceTitan grows demos 18% with Contentful and Gatsby.js


ServiceTitan, a Series F SaaS startup valued at over $8.3 billion, migrated to a headless CMS website and immediately realized an 18% increase demos site-wide.


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Developing a Scalable Enterprise Headless CMS Website

ServiceTitan is the leading enterprise software platform for the multi-billion dollar home and commercial services industry. Over the years, ServiceTitan has attracted a loyal customer base and has become the #1 operating system for an entire industry in the United States.

We teamed up to develop an enterprise website with a digital infrastructure capable of supporting their high-growth strategies.

ServiceTitan's goals

ServiceTitan's company culture is an unshakable appetite for achieving the extraordinary. Before starting their website migration, we needed to align on goals to deliver something that embodied ServiceTitan's values.

ServiceTitan's goals were two-fold:

  1. Increase page speed with a modern frontend capable of scaling with increased demand

  2. Build a seamless integration between all their sales and marketing tools

A company like ServiceTitan doesn't reach unicorn startup status by following the herd, they outscale their competition by taking advantage of best-in-class technology.

Their marketing team had a deep understanding of static site generators (SSG) like Gatsby.js and headless Content Management Systems (CMS), which made the web planning and development process incredibly smooth from the start.

A content layer that delivers enterprise at scale

As a high-growth SaaS company, ServiceTitan needed a digital infrastructure that could scale with its rapidly evolving marketing initiatives. To accommodate their need for scale and speed, we selected Contentful, an API-driven headless CMS platform, for their site.

4 Reasons why we chose Contentful

One of the toughest decisions large marketing organizations need to reach a consensus on is the CMS they're going to use to publish their blogs and landing pages.

Why? Everyone has experience working on different CMS, has unique preferences, and there are lots of traditional and headless CMS website options to choose from.

For ServiceTitan, the decision came down to:

  1. Needing a simplistic user interface for content editors and marketers

  2. The ability to build modular website pages with little effort at scale

  3. Decreasing time to market with an API-driven solution

  4. Improving website performance and UX with a fast and flexible frontend

Fortunately, as a Contentful Partner, we've spent countless hours architecting enterprise websites and engaging with their product team to know Contentful met their needs.


The Webstacks team have become an essential part of our Marketing team at ServiceTitan. Their quick problem-solving skills and innovative thinking is just what we need as a rapidly-growing startup.

Jackie Aubel, Senior Content Marketing Manager

The new Contentful framework gives ServiceTitan content editors the autonomy to quickly launch website campaigns at scale without having to wait for internal resources to free up from their engineering or product teams.

Improving time-to-market for all things digital

To compete in the SaaS industry, time-to-market is everything. Knowing this, ServiceTitan's marketing team knew they needed a modular system that was adaptable and responsive.

Flexibility at scale

A modular-page architecture gives marketing teams the ability to create pages in Contentful, and add, edit, remove, and reorder page elements within their website, without needing a developer.

Webstacks iteratively developed a system of reusable site components that were flexible enough for rapidly launching new product pages, landing pages, blogs, and A/B tests.

Producing new pages is only half the battle. Another challenge for enterprises is content governance. What happens when a product feature's name changes, or a client leaves and you need to remove every instance of their logo on your website?

Contentful makes content governance extremely easy with entities that allow content managers to update a single asset in the CMS to reflect those changes across the site.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Webstacks team over the last couple of months. As our team's UI/UX Designer communication between development/design is critical, the Webstacks team has made this effortless. Not only are they extremely talented but more importantly they are fun and easy to work with. They truly feel part of our team at ServiceTitan. I love working with them to create amazing experiences and would highly recommend them!

Jarid Matylewicz, Sr. UI/UX Designer

Delivering a big project with a tight deadline

Phase 1: Migrate to Contentful

The first phase included a complete extraction of their assets from their existing CMS and migrating all of it to Contentful. During this process, we migrated more than 1,000 website pages and blog posts in just a few short weeks.

With the new content migrated, our web designers and developers created an overhaul of the website design using Gatsby.js, a leading frontend framework.

Phase 2: Build new content pillars and lead generation tools

Next, we created new content pillar pages and resource hubs to organize ServiceTitan's library of content. Because Google values topical authority, websites need to organize, link and architect their site in a way that drives web traffic and generates leads.

These content pillars included a:

  • Webinar library

  • Podcast microsite

  • COVID-19 resource center

To further provide value for prospective and existing customers, ServiceTitan built many free tools for the service industry to help solve recurring tasks including:

  • An HVAC Load Calculator

  • An Invoice Generator

  • An ROI Calculator

Phase 3: Develop a resource center to improve customer success

Once the resource and tool hubs were complete, the ServiceTitan team set out to develop “The Toolbox,” a library for ServiceTitan customers and prospects to find anything and everything they need to run a successful home and commercial services business.


The ServiceTitan website wouldn't be where it is today without the help of this awesome team. They've integrated seamlessly with our internal processes and tackled every project we've thrown at them with a careful eye for detail. They are the total package.

Daniel Pawlak, SEO Growth Manager, ServiceTitan

Delivering measurable value in 90 days

The purpose of ServiceTitan's three-phase rollout was to quickly ship deliverables, gather data, and iterate. Throughout the migration, ServiceTitan continually ran A/B and multivariate tests, which have helped them create a well-oiled marketing machine.

To create an even more massive advantage besides their 10x increase in page load speed, ServiceTitan also implemented Segment and FullStory.

Today, ServiceTitan has more than just a new website—they have a high-performance, highly scalable marketing engine built on a solid technology stack. Alongside near-instant load times, their beautiful website design provides visitors with an unparalleled experience.

What's Next for ServiceTitan

Because time-to-market for new marketing initiatives will be significantly shorter, ServiceTitan will continue delivering superb CX that is essential to their growth strategy.

Webstacks remains a close partner to ServiceTitan and is always ready to help build the next big thing as fast as humanly possible.


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