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A 3D model of the DatoCMS and Contentful logos on a stage with a trophy render.
3 minute read
Contentful vs. DatoCMS: The Differences You Should Know About Before Commitment

The right CMS should help enterprises become more agile and adapt to their current and future content demands. Contentful and DatoCMS are frontrunners in the headless conversation. Here’s how they compare to each other.

Eric Izazaga
Eric IzazagaJanuary 26th, 2022
A custom 3D render of the Contentful logo as a platform connected to 3D blocks.
4 minute read
Contentful: Headless Content Management for High-Growth Teams

Contentful has revolutionized the world of content management. Teams can update content on their websites, mobile applications, and other platforms without any hassle. But how is it possible? We’ll break it down for you!

Eric Izazaga
Eric IzazagaJanuary 26th, 2022
A custom 3D render representing static site generators featuring Node.js, Ruby, and React logos.
5 minute read
How Static Site Generators Work with Contentful

Static site generators (SSG) are outcompeting dynamic websites by a landslide. They work with headless CMS solutions to offer greater flexibility, performance, scalability, and security for both developers and users. By reading this article, you’ll learn how SSGs work with a headless CMS like Contentful.

Eric Izazaga
Eric IzazagaDecember 17th, 2021

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