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What is Segment Configuration?

Whether Segment is new to your team or the foundation of your engineering organization, our implementation and analytics solutions combine everything you need to get the most from your data, delivered by our expert consultants in a simple model that’s designed to meet your needs.

β€œThey bring some deep technical knowledge, and have provided more actionable recommendations than any other agency I've worked with."
Daniel Pawlak, @ ServiceTitan
Daniel Pawlak
What is segment configuration?

We've got the most comprehensive analytics offering in the industry.

Ensure that Segment is integrated and working correctly with best practices based on your business needs.

Stack Analytics Discovery

Our engagement kicks off with our 1-hour stack analytics discovery meeting. The goal is to make sure we have a sound plan of attack and a plan for building out the stack taxonomy.

Research & Build Strategy

After we complete this audit is planned to jump right into the implementation phase, and that will be part of the outcome of this initial project.

Tracking Plan

We'll then put together a tracking plan to spec out the events and properties you intend to collect across your website. Once created, the Tracking Plan becomes a highly valuable source of truth for your team.


With the overall design in place, our development team will manage the entire front-end development of the new website using modern frameworks and leading technical SEO practices.

QA and Testing

In this phase we break content types down into their component parts, describe them in detail and map out how they relate to one another. This process goes beyond just website pages and blog posts. It includes modeling the building blocks of a website β€” empowering your team to put together website pages like lego blocks.

Enablement and Training

It’s no secret that adopting new technology can be challenging. We'll walk your team through the basics of what a headless CMS is and what benefits it brings to the website. Our goal is to ensure your team walks away feeling confident that they can autonomously build on-brand website pages quickly, efficiently, and confidently.

Tools we've previously integrated with Segment

We’re a certified partner of Segment and have experience configuring many of the tools in their destination library, including HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, Clearbit, and Amplitude.

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