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Increase in Conversion Rate

6.6 %

Increase in Avg. Time on Page

6.6 %

Increase in Avg. Time on Page

Roofstock is an online marketplace for buying and selling turnkey rental investment properties. Their online platform offers a transparent and more efficient alternative to traditional investing.Roofstock was seeking a partner to help manage their HubSpot Blog and Landing pages with the goal of increasing signups and engagement.

  • Increase conversion of signups
  • Increase blog subscriber registrations
  • Increase average time spent on page

Optimize Roofstock's blog and landing pages for conversions and improved user experience.

  • Develop engaging Call To Action's on all blog content
  • Implement nonintrusive pop-ups that drive signups and registrations
  • Instrument latest blog trends to engage visitors and increase  time spent on page

The result is a beautifully redesigned blog focusing on engaging readers and driving new registrations.

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