Subscription Scope of Services

Over 120+ design services covered.

Creating visually appealing logos, brand identities, and style guides.
Designing marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters.
Crafting eye-catching social media graphics for various platforms.
Designing print materials like business cards, banners, etc.
Designing intuitive user interfaces for websites, applications, and software.
Creating wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize user flows.
Creating visually appealing icons, buttons, and other web elements.
Designing branded marketing collateral like stationery, presentations, and email templates.
Crafting custom illustrations for websites, applications, and marketing materials.
Designing infographics and visual content to convey complex information.
Creating visually engaging illustrations and graphics for blog articles and online content.
Designing interactive elements for websites and applications, such as sliders and carousels.
Creating interactive prototypes to showcase user interactions and animations.
Creating landing page designs optimized for conversion and lead generation.
Converting design mockups into responsive HTML/CSS templates.
Ensuring cross-browser compatibility and consistent rendering across devices.
Enhancing user experience through smooth animations and transitions.
Implementing forms and validation to capture user input.
Implementing interactive features and user interface elements using JavaScript.
Configuring CMS for easy page building for non-technical users.
Compressing images and other media to reduce loading times.
Minifying and optimizing code for faster execution.
Integrating Google Analytics or other tracking tools to gather website traffic data.
Setting up event tracking to monitor user interactions and conversions.
Tech we use
VS Code
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Google Slides
Google Docs
We don't do
Content writing
Translating content
Data entry
Legal reccomendations
3rd party loginsDue to security concerns, we cannot log into 3rd party apps or software to provide design assistance.

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