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Frequently asked questions

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What is a headless CMS and how does Storyblok fit into this category?

A headless CMS, like Storyblok, represents a modern approach to content management that separates the backend content layer from the frontend presentation layer. This architecture allows developers to use APIs to deliver content to any platform or device, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Storyblok excels in this category by providing a user-friendly content editing experience, with innovative features like a visual editor and digital asset manager. Our experience at Webstacks with Storyblok has shown it not only streamlines content deployment across multiple channels, but also significantly speeds up the development process. This makes Storyblok an ideal choice for B2B businesses looking to future-proof their website and ensure agile content production.

What are the main benefits of migrating to Storyblok from a traditional CMS?

Storyblok offers many advantages over traditional CMS platforms, a few of them being:

Flexibility and Scalability: Storyblok's headless architecture promotes agile development and seamless multi-channel content deployment. This enables marketing teams to swiftly build pages and launch new campaigns with minimal dependency on development resources.

Performance and SEO: By eliminating unnecessary features, Storyblok enhances site speed and SEO, optimizing user experience and search rankings without back-end constraints​​.

Collaboration: Storyblok bridges the gap between developers and marketers, offering a robust API for developers and an intuitive visual editor for non-technical users, enhancing productivity across the team.

How does Storyblok integrate with our existing marketing stack?

Storyblok is designed with an API-first approach, making it highly compatible with a wide range of tools and platforms in the marketing technology stack. Whether it's CRMs, analytics, personalization tools, email marketing platforms, or social media channels, Webstacks can facilitate seamless integrations. This ensures that Storyblok harmoniously works with your existing marketing ecosystem to streamline workflows, enhance data flow, and optimize overall marketing effectiveness.

Can Webstacks customize Storyblok to meet our business?

Yes, Webstacks can tailor Storyblok to fit your unqiue business needs. Storyblok’s flexible, component-based system allows for high levels of customization, from creating unique content types to integrating custom workflows. Webstacks leverages this adaptability to tailor solutions that align with your business strategy, enhance user experience, and meet your digital marketing goals, ensuring that the final implementation effectively addresses your specific challenges and opportunities.

What are the costs involved in partnering with Webstacks for a Storyblok project?

Determining the investment for a Storyblok-powered website involves a few variables, like the project's scope, design, integrations, and any unique customizations. There is a lot that goes into tailoring each Webstacks project to our client’s specific needs, so the most effective way to get a clear picture is through a direct conversation with us.

In our discovery call, we'll delve into the state of your current website, your marketing objectives, the audience you aim to engage, and any distinctive features you're keen to include. Equipped with this understanding, we'll provide you with a comprehensive estimate that outlines the investment required for a Storyblok website.

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