Webstacks Releases A Guide to Modern Marketing Website Stakeholders

To kick off 2024, Webstacks is excited to share a new resource, A Guide for Modern Marketing Website Stakeholders. In this blog, we’ll give a short preview to the Guide and include a link for you to download a copy for yourself.

Devon Wood
Devon Wood
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To kick off 2024, Webstacks is excited to share a new resource, A Guide for Modern Marketing Website Stakeholders.

B2B websites are nowhere near as simple as they used to be.

Nowadays they are more commonly an elaborate ecosystem, consisting of various departments and individual contributors. You often have numerous stakeholders that want a voice in the website’s content - from sales and product marketing to branding and customer success. Additionally, the website experience has evolved into a calculated science with a focus towards analytics. This has given rise to several newer disciplines such as UX, SEO, and CRO, that require their own set of experts to optimize certain aspects of the website. 

The reality is that a successful marketing website in today’s competitive landscape needs a robust team with a diverse set of skills. What then comes about is a common obstacle that many B2B organizations currently face- how do we harmonize these various departments and stakeholders to get the most out of our marketing website efforts?

For starters, stakeholders must gain an understanding of the larger marketing website ecosystem. They should be aware of everyone else involved, and how their interests are similar or different from their own. Then, they begin to implement strategies for improving cross-functional collaboration.

This Guide takes a unique approach to understanding the modern marketing website ecosystem. It provides in-depth analysis of the various functions, needs, and challenges of each unique stakeholder. Furthermore, this guide offers practical advice for better collaboration with each role, and shares the most telling signs of a positive relationship between a stakeholder and the marketing website.

No matter who you are on the website team, there is plenty of powerful insights and practical advice to take away. Click the button below to download the complete version of A Guide for Modern Marketing Website Stakeholders 👇.

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