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Between the Brackets: Carly Johnson, Marketing Technologist at Webstacks

Date IconJul 23th, 20213 minutes

Eric Izazaga

Marketing Coordinator

Between the Brackets: Carly Johnson, Marketing Technologist at Webstacks - Blog Post

Welcome to Between the Brackets - a new blog series where we introduce you to the rocketeers that make the Webstacks rocket ship an amazing place to work.

First up, meet Carly! She is a Marketing Technologist and is a part of our HubSpot Onboarding team. Carly joined the Webstacks rocket ship this year back in April. As a Marketing Technologist, Carly helps support our HubSpot onboarding clients with her knowledge of the platform, training sessions, and ongoing technical support. Ready to meet Carly? Say less 😎

About Carly

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! My name is Carly, I’m from Massachusetts originally and relocated to sunny San Diego 2 ½ years ago. I studied Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and used my degree to venture into the marketing world

My hobbies include cooking, scoping out new restaurants, hot yoga, going on neighborhood walks, and exploring new places!

If you had to choose one fun fact that you can only use for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I’ve been to a restaurant that was once rated the #1 restaurant in the world while I was studying abroad on a college student’s budget. Just goes to show you where my priorities lie.

Marketing at Webstacks

What is your role at Webstacks? 

My role at Webstacks as one of the Marketing Technologists is onboarding new HubSpot customers. Through training calls and working sessions, I am responsible for educating clients on the HubSpot platform and supporting them throughout the onboarding process. Our ultimate goal is for clients to feel confident navigating through HubSpot and optimizing their marketing, sales, and/or service initiatives within the platform. 

Give us an inside look at your day-to-day as a Marketing Technologist on the HubSpot Onboarding team.

A typical day at Webstacks starts with a warm welcome from my fellow office mates and is almost too often followed by indulging in the box of office donuts

From there, my day is filled with a variety of client calls ranging from working sessions, HubSpot training, and support-based check-ins. In between calls, I like to do an inventory of emails that need to be answered, support questions that need to be addressed, and any other remaining tasks at hand.

What do you enjoy the most about your role as Marketing Technologist at Webstacks?

What I enjoy the most about my role at Webstacks is the variety in my day-to-day tasks. Working with so many different clients gives me insight into a vast array of companies working towards all kinds of objectives. It has been both rewarding and interesting to support our onboarding clients across the unique projects they bring to us.

Company Culture at Webstacks

Has your routine changed at all since transitioning from working remotely to in-office?

Coming from a company that was 100% remote (even before the pandemic), it has been a wonderful transition into a safe and friendly workplace. I feel lucky that I joined Webstacks at a time when it became safe to work in the office because I value the in-person collaboration and socialization that I, and most of the rest of the world, had been missing for so long.

What is your favorite Webstacks memory so far? 

Meeting Franklin, the Webstacks mascot/office dog, on my first day. My family has an English bulldog back in MA, so having Franklin in the office is a sweet taste of home.

Any advice for candidates who may be interested in joining Webstacks as a Marketing Technologist? 

It sounds cliche, but you truly learn something new every day within this role. Working with a variety of clients and troubleshooting their different requests teaches me new strategies I didn’t know were possible. Ultimately, this variety allows me to look at implementing marketing initiatives through different lenses every single day.

To add a little spice, come up with a question you want to ask the next Webstacker.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Editor's note: Webstacks is a full-stack web development and marketing agency founded in 2020 that helps SaaS, FinTech, and Blockchain businesses accelerate growth by offering creative, marketing, development, and other services at scale. Webstacks is based in San Diego, California, with 30+ employees across the states. For business inquiries, please email


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