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Have you wondered how the most successful SaaS organizations continuously improve their...

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2 minute read
Introducing the new playbook to Modular Web Design for B2B Websites

Curious about designing a modular website? Want to learn how today’s top SaaS brands like ServiceTitan and Calendly are improving their website with modular design? Here’s an exciting preview of our new modular web design guide that will answer all your questions!

Hannah Nicole Espejo
Hannah Nicole EspejoFebruary 23rd, 2023
A diagram showing the relations between web page elements.
4 minute read
Modular website design empowers marketing teams, here’s how

What if we told you there is a better way to build website pages? A way of fewer bottlenecks for technical & non-technical team members. In a recent webinar, Webstacks CEO Nikan Shahidi and Gatsby Co-founder Sam Bhagwat uncovered how teams should approach their marketing website without relying exclusively on engineering resources.

Eric Izazaga
Eric IzazagaFebruary 14th, 2023
11 minute read
A Headless CMS Primer: Does Your Marketing Website Need to Go Headless?

Many high-growth organizations need multichannel distribution to target their audiences on all devices. Unfortunately, a typical Monolithic CMS cannot carry the load. See why organizations are turning to a Headless CMS for their content demands.

Eric Izazaga
Eric IzazagaJanuary 1st, 2023
7 minute read
The Differences Between WordPress, Contentful, and HubSpot's CMS Hub

Is your organization looking for a way to make content creation and editing more manageable, painless, and fun? Check out these content management system platforms and find out which best suits your team's current needs.

Eric Izazaga
Eric IzazagaAugust 1st, 2022

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