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Between the Brackets: Nicole Zayas, Recruiting Coordinator

Say hello to Recruiting Coordinator Nicole Zayas! 👋

Date IconMay 2nd, 20223 minutes

Eric Izazaga

Marketing Coordinator

Between the Brackets: Nicole Zayas, Recruiting Coordinator - Blog Post

Between the Brackets is back! Expect to meet at least one Webstacker each month to put a face and voice to the people at Webstacks and to learn more about their role at the company.

That said, today we're featuring a star from our talent team, Recruiting Coordinator Nicole Zayas!

About Nicole

It's great to have you, Nicole! Tell us about yourself to start.

Thanks for having me! To start, I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and have lived here my entire life. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with my fur baby Milo!

A little bit about my ethnic background—I am fluent in Spanish and am family-oriented! I enjoy taking trips to Mexico City to see my family. I make it a priority to visit my family back in Mexico City at least once a year.

Let's play a game - Two truths and a lie:

  1. I’m allergic to strawberries

  2. I’ve never broken a bone

  3. I hope to eventually run a marathon

What is your favorite hobby?

I love playing tennis! I’ve played since I was 5 years old, and was on the girl's varsity team in high school. I now have a membership at the Balboa Tennis and Racquet club and play a couple of times a week.

Recruitment at Webstacks

Tell us about your role as Recruiting Coordinator and how long you've been in it.

I joined the Webstacks team as a Recruiting Coordinator in March. I am two months into the role and am enjoying every second of it!

As Recruiting Coordinator, I am in charge of the entire candidate experience. I am responsible for assisting in Webstacks recruiting and Talent Acquisition methods and strategies.

I help facilitate the movement of candidates through the recruitment process by finding, attracting, and hiring new employees to fill open positions that meet our company’s needs and goals. I also support the People Operations team with anything they need.

What do you enjoy about your role?

My favorite part of being a Recruiting Coordinator is helping Webstacks find the perfect match and helping candidates find the perfect role. But the most rewarding aspects are hiring a candidate, meeting them virtually or in person, and seeing them integrate into the team.

How has Webstacks helped you settle into this role?

Webstacks gave me all the tools I needed to hit the ground running from day one. I was quickly onboarded to the team with the help of our small but mighty People Operations team, Natalie and Shoshanna.

Working closely with People Operations Manager Natalie has helped me integrate with the team quicker than I expected since the recruitment department is still new. The in-depth recruitment training and quick syncs gave me the understanding I needed to familiarize myself with the current recruitment processes and the pool of candidates we're looking for.

From a company culture perspective, everyone on the team has been super welcoming and has taken the time to schedule 1 on 1’s to get to know me better. Overall, I'm grateful for how resourceful the Webstacks team has and is to ensure I'm set up for success in my role.

Company Culture

What about the culture would make someone consider applying to Webstacks?

Webstacks takes the time to recognize everyone’s efforts and contributions. We have a collaborative, motivating, and friendly group of people who all drop their egos and work together to achieve great things!

Each month during our all-hands meeting, someone is named Webstacker of the month. There are never negative or jealous sentiments across the team. We all congratulate each other and ensure we spread positivity in the workplace whenever possible.

What does your work/life balance look like at Webstacks?

I have a great work/life balance here at Webstacks. I have the flexibility to work a hybrid schedule and adjust my work day as needed. I am also highly encouraged to take time off when I need to recharge.

How has the hybrid role helped you work better?

The hybrid work schedule has helped increase my workday productivity and freed up a lot of time that I’d normally spend commuting to work. Due to Webstacks being remote/hybrid, it also allows me to hire amazing talent anywhere in the U.S.!

What has been your favorite moment or memory so far at Webstacks?

My favorite memory so far is our team outing at Punchbowl Social. I met the majority of the San Diego team and had a blast! We'll see if the San Diego Padres game next month becomes my new favorite memory as a Webstacker.

Editor's note: Webstacks is a full-stack marketing agency founded in 2020 that helps businesses accelerate growth by offering creative, marketing, development, and other services at scale. Webstacks is based in San Diego, California, with 30+ employees across the states. For business inquiries, please email


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