Introducing Webstacks SaaS March Madness bracket

Check out who will duke it out, then cast your vote on Webstacks' social media accounts.

Eric Izazaga
Eric Izazaga
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HubSpot vs. Salesforce; ClickUp vs. Asana; Figma vs. InVision.

The ongoing conversations about which tools are better than others will never die. But now is your chance to prove to your peers why your favorite SaaS tools have an edge over their competitors!

Introducing Webstacks SaaS March Madness.

For the next four weeks, Webstacks partners, clients, and followers will have the chance to vote their favorite brands to the national championship (just like the real-life March Madness tournament).

How it works

We'll start with the top 32 B2B SaaS companies and put them into a head-to-head bracket. We’re mirroring the March Madness tournament and breaking up this year’s competitors into “regions.”

The tournament will last until the greatest SaaS brand of all time wins the chip, seeing competitors “play” head-to-head every week.

How we selected each SaaS brand?

The 32 SaaS competitors include friends, partners, and friends we’ve once connected with, and of course, new friends we hope to make. Seeding was randomized.

How do teams advance to the next round?

How will brands move on to the next round? By you!

We’ll hold a series of polls on Webstacks’ LinkedIn account and give a spirit bonus for every comment or share by an active employee from each respective company.

For example -  if Calendly vs. Chilipiper is a matchup, any active employee that comments, tags, or shares the social post will count as 2 votes.

After all rounds, the last two SaaS contenders will face off to be crowned the best B2B SaaS company of the year (and earn a secret prize 🤫).

Road to the championship 🏆

Congratulations to the Webstacks SaaS Madness champion...


Here is how the championship round shaped up.

Webstacks SaaS Madness Championship round

Here's how things currently stood ahead of the Final 4.

Webstacks SaaS Madness Final 4

Here's how things stood ahead of the Elite 8.

Webstacks SaaS Madness Elite 8

Here's how things stood ahead of the Sweet 16.

Webstacks SaaS Madness Sweet 16

Here's how things stood after the first round of voting.


Webstacks Region 1 Sweet 16 (16)


Webstacks Region 2 Sweet 16 (16)


Webstacks Region 3 Sweet 16 (16)


Webstacks Region 4 Sweet 16 (16)

The voting schedule

The Webstacks’ SaaS Madness tournament will commence on March 15! Please get familiar with this year’s brand matchups, as these brands will be duking it out for ultimate bragging rights.

When polls open:

(CLOSED) The SaaS 32—March 15-20; The top 16 companies with the most votes will move on to the next round.

(CLOSED) Sweet 16—March 21-27; The top 8 companies with the most votes will move on to the next round.

(CLOSED) Elite 8—March 28-April 3; The top 8 companies with the most votes will move on to the next round.

(CLOSED) Final Four —April 4-10; The top 4 companies with the most votes will move on to the next round.

(CLOSED) National Championship—April 11-14; The top 2 companies with the most votes will move on to the championship round.

How to keep track

Follow all Webstacks' social accounts to stay in the game! Our superstar Social Media team will be on their A-game to report on each round. Expect a series of reminders on all Webstacks channels before each tip-off, and expect a play-by-play each ~hour to see how your favorite SaaS team is doing. To stay up-to-date with the bracket, we'll update the bracket on this page at the end of each round.

Let the madness begin! 🏀

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