Hatch Case Study

Redesigning the marketing website for Hatch on HubSpot CMS



Hatch combines two-way text, email, and phone with automation in one collaborative workspace to help you increase close rates, shorten sales cycles, and boost 5-star reviews. Hatch was seeking a development partner to implement a component bassed website redesign with a modular design system on HubSpot CMS.

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Decrease time to market for all things digital
  • Increase in lead generation through calculators 



Redesign the Hatch marketing website using HubSpot CMS by implementing a modular design system to maintain consistency and allow non-developers to scale marketing efforts quickly and efficiently

  • Source Webstacks team as a development partner for the Hatch marketing website
  • Utilize HubDB to build dynamic database-driven website pages for integration partners.
  • A modular component-based website for rapid A/B testing and experimentation


The result is a scalable marketing website built combing data from HubSpot's advanced marketing automation platform with its marketer-first content management system.

  • A beautiful high converting website
  • 5 website page templates and 3 unique landing page templates
  • 1 ROI calculator

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