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Mutiny is a SaaS company that specializes in no-code website personalization for B2B businesses. Its goal is to increase conversion rates and sales by addressing the issue that 95% of web visitors don't convert on generic websites.


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Webstacks is excited to share how B2B SaaS companies like Mutiny leverage our new unlimited design and development service: Subscription Beta.

Mutiny initially came to Webstacks for a website migration project and following the successful launch, their marketing team needed continuous support and resources to optimize and expand the marketing website.

Like many B2B SaaS companies in late 2022 and early 2023, Mutiny's marketing team was attempting to operate leaner, remaining more stringent with resources. However, they still required web design and development support to drive positive business results.

Mutiny needed a partner who understood the situation and could offer a solution without locking them into a large, long-term contract that would never make its way through their CFO at the time.

Mutiny reached out to Webstacks and learned of a new service offering catered to B2B SaaS companies in their exact situation. Read on to learn how the Mutiny team leveraged Subscription Beta to launch an AI marketing campaign, interactive product demos, and a refreshed knowledge base. 

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Who is Mutiny?

Mutiny is a SaaS company that specializes in no-code website personalization for B2B businesses. Its goal is to increase conversion rates and sales by addressing the issue that 95% of web visitors don't convert on generic websites. 

Their platform uses pre-built data integrations to identify visitors based on criteria like industry, company size, funnel stage, advertising campaign, and web activity​​. Mutiny's AI technology surfaces the best audience segments for clients, providing recommendations and personalization playbooks proven successful across their customer base​​.

Additionally, Mutiny offers a visual editor that enables users to personalize elements of their websites for specific audience segments​​, including CTAs, headings, images, forms, modals, color schemes, and much more​​. To measure the effectiveness of these personalized experiences, Mutiny provides an automatic hold-out testing and analytics dashboard​​.

Background of the Engagement

Mutiny first came to Webstacks for a front-end migration project, moving from Ruby on Rails to Next.js. This also involved a full rebuild of their content models in their headless CMS, Contentful. As a result, Mutiny saw a significant boost in website performance, and editing pages became much easier for their marketing team.

Following the completion of that project, Mutiny still needed website operations support for various design and development tasks.

Mutiny had no exact scope, but they knew that there were upcoming marketing initiatives and a backlog of development fixes that needed attending. This was when Webstacks introduced Mutiny to its newest offering, the Subscription program.

What is Webstacks Subscription?

The Webstacks Subscription Program offers a unique opportunity to partner with world-class website experts for a flat monthly fee, giving you access to a full web team at the cost of one employee.

The retainer-based service offers clients a cost-effective way to access design and development resources for their websites. Clients can submit unlimited task requests, which will be worked on sequentially, allowing them to continuously enhance its website.

In this client story, we’ll showcase all the cool and effective ways that Mutiny has utilized their Webstacks Subscription so far!

What Mutiny Has Accomplished with Webstacks Subscription

In the case of Mutiny, their team of marketers seamlessly creates new requests through the Webstacks Subscription portal.

When a new request comes in, a Webstacks Project Manager processes the request, and if there are no further questions, it’s added to the backlog and queued up for either design or development.

Since the beginning of their Subscription just a few months ago, Mutiny has already completed three projects for their marketing website:

  • A series of web pages for its AI competition, Sur-AI-vor

  • A collection of Navattic product demo pages

  • A revamp of their knowledge base hub, Mutiny Academy

In addition to larger projects, Mutiny has also allocated some of its Subscription to routine site maintenance, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. This is one of the advantages of Webstacks Subscription - you have the versatility to work on a variety of tasks, and swiftly switch priorities as you go.

Next, we’ll share the main achievements of Mutiny, showcasing what is possible with a Webstacks Subscription.

Surv-AI-vor Campaign

In October of 2023, Mutiny launched an exciting new campaign, Surv-AI-vor. Designed to engage marketers, content creators, and web strategists from around the world, Surv-AI-vor is a unique B2B game show that combines the excitement of competition with the world of AI and marketing.

Gamifying the AI learning experience, Mutiny brings together top marketing AI leaders to host hands-on workshops and allows participants to compete in challenges for prizes up to $10,000. Webstacks helped Mutiny with the design and development of all the Surv-AI-vor pages on their website. This included 3 variations of the Surv-AI-vor landing page:

Main Landing Page

Mutiny - SurvAIvor Main Landing Page

The Surv-ai-vor main landing page provided general information on Surv-ai-vor, its events, its speakers, and a registration form.

Game Landing Page

Mutiny - SurvAIvor Game Landing Page

The Game landing page described how the game works, the prizes, and the schedule of in-person and online events.

Events Landing Page

Mutiny - SurvAIvor Event Landing Page

The Events landing page gave more details about the two in-person Surv-ai-vor events hosted in San Francisco and New York City.

Even with new design components, Webstacks went from concept to published pages in just two weeks. 

Navattic Product Tour

After the Surv-AI-vor campaign, Mutiny put in a Subscription request to help create new demo pages featuring Navattic product tours.

For those unfamiliar with Navattic, it is a platform that enables the creation of interactive product demonstrations without the need for engineering work. Instead of using static screenshots, Navattic allows you to embed captivating demos that genuinely engage prospects and close leads more efficiently. 

To make the product tour pages even more personalized, Mutiny includes a question on the demo form, asking users about their marketing goals.

Mutiny - Product Tour Landing Page

Based on how the user answers that question, Mutiny directs them to a tailored product demo. There were three different demo pages that Webstacks designed and developed:

Inbound Product Tour

Mutiny - Product Tour Inbound Landing Page

This Inbound demo showed users how Mutiny can help with increasing website conversions.

The Paid Ads Product Tour

Mutiny - Product Tour Paid Landing Page

The Paid Acquisition demo presents Mutiny's personalization features that can enhance ad campaign performance.

The ABM Product Tour

Mutiny - Product Tour ABM Landing Page

This ABM Product Tour showcases how Mutiny can personalize web design elements for target accounts.

Navattic is an innovative solution for creating engaging web experiences, and incorporating interactive demos is an excellent way to give your product the platform it deserves. 

Mutiny Demand Gen Academy

Most recently, Mutiny used their Subscription to revamp the Academy section of its marketing website. The rebranded “Demand Gen Academy” will host a variety of new topics to educate visitors on AI, CRO, ABM, and more.

The Mutiny CRO Academy

Mutiny - CRO Academy

The Mutiny AI Academy

Mutiny - AI Academy

With the conclusion of Surv-AI-vor, Mutiny wanted to repurpose all the event’s content into evergreen resources that lived in the Academy. Webstacks assisted with the relocation of all these pages from the “.games” subdomain, into the new AI course track on the main site. The content also got a redesign, fitting the updated style of the Academy. 

The Mutiny ABM Academy Currently, Webstacks is in the process of adding two more courses. The ABM Academy is a recently developed course that covers everything related to account-based marketing strategy.

Learn More About Webstacks Subscription

During our collaboration, the subscription model has empowered Mutiny with the flexibility to successfully execute a variety of marketing initiatives, seamlessly managing cost efficiency and expeditious time-to-market.

Mutiny benefits from access to design and development support, mitigating the challenges associated with onboarding additional personnel. In summary, Subscription Beta stands out as an ideal solution for streamlined B2B marketing teams such as Mutiny's, enabling ongoing investments in their website with efficiency and effectiveness.


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