Redesigning Privy's HubSpot CMS Website to Facilitate Growth

See how we redesigned Privy's HubSpot CMS website and positioned the leading email marketing SaaS platform for Shopify eCommerce brands for growth.

Redesigning Privy's HubSpot CMS Website to Facilitate GrowthRedesigning Privy's HubSpot CMS Website to Facilitate Growth

Developing a HubSpot CMS website for Privy, Shopify's best email marketing app

Privy is the leading email marketing SaaS platform for eCommerce brands on Shopify and Wix.

With over 18,000 5-star reviews, the most by any app on the Shopify app marketplace, Privy gives eCommerce brands a complete suite of email marketing tools to convert, nurture, and close new customers at scale.

Because Privy is focused on growth, they wanted to redesign their website without sacrificing mission-critical engineering resources from their product development team.

As an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, our team of HubSpot CMS website developers and designers jumped at the opportunity to build a beautiful, high-performance website that their marketing and sales teams could use to rapidly scale their customer base.

Scaling eCommerce with the best email marketing tools

SaaS companies like Privy and their eCommerce clients share a similar goal: build an email marketing list of prospective customers. Privy has built an all-in-one solution to empower internal marketing departments to scale their customer base and eCommerce website.


Email is not dead. Some commentators may claim there are better options, which isn't false, but to remove this channel from your omnichannel approach would be a mistake.

From up-sells to cross-sells, coupons, and items coming soon, Privy's email marketing platform gives eCommerce companies access to 100s of email templates and sequences designed to drive sales, save abandoned carts, and win back customers.

Lead Generation

Leads, the prized goal of inbound marketers everywhere, can be converted in a myriad of ways.

Privy's lead generation tools enable eCommerce stores to grow email lists using the highest converting options including popups, flyouts, coupons, giveaways, and more.

Text Messaging

Humans and smartphones are attached at the hip. We don't go anywhere without them. This connection to our phones presents an incredible opportunity for eCommerce stores.

Research has shown that 75% of consumers in the United States would rather text with a business than calls or email. What's crazier is text messages earn a staggering 98% open rate!

With statistics like this, it's no wonder that Privy can help boost eCommerce campaign response rates with their integrated text messaging features.

Building a scalable HubSpot CMS website

Whether you're an industry leader like Privy or a SaaS startup, HubSpot's MarTech platform has everything SaaS companies need to attract, engage, and delight customers.

Privy was looking to redesign their HubSpot website, and in the process optimize the backend including their Design Manager to make future updates easier for their website manager. 

Designing a branded HubSpot theme

SaaS companies need websites that can scale as they increase total active subscriptions. To scale, marketing teams need to have the right tools to build a website that converts visitors into leads at a high rate. With HubSpot's Design Manager tool, our developers applied Privy's visual identity, built out custom modules, and multiple templates.

From a single interface, Privy's marketing department can easily create unique landing pages with custom modules all through a simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Optimizing HubSpot

Did your parents ever make you clean the house BEFORE leaving for vacation?

At the moment it can feel like useless work, but when you arrive home tired and are greeted by a clean house, you feel grateful for the work you did up front.

Content Management Systems get messy too, and when you grow fast like Privy, it's inevitable.

While we were developing Privy's new HubSpot website we ensured that all of their naming conventions were consistent and modules were organized to make future work more effortless.

Although these optimizations may not be reflected in organic search results, they reduce growing pains, alleviate frustration for employees, and enable SaaS companies to scale faster. 

Generating Leads with Free SEO Tools

Believe it or not, email marketing SaaS companies like Privy need to generate leads too.

Because Privy's primary demographic is eCommerce website administrators that use Shopify and Wix, we wanted to create a gated inbound marketing tool just for them.

Our team developed an eCommerce SEO grader, that automatically audits key areas of your website, and provides a detailed report of optimizations.

Forming genuine relationships

Working with Privy was an absolute pleasure, and look forward to future collaborations together. If you're interested in partnering with an Elite HubSpot Solutions partner, talk to sales today!


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