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Resy's Website Helps Foodies Find and Dine at Top Restaurants


See how Resy, a leading reservation management solution, enables restaurants to grow and optimize their operations through their new HubSpot website.


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Customers find and dine with Resy's new HubSpot website

Launched in New York City in 2014, Resy is the premier reservation management platform for restaurants and a go-to mobile app for foodies looking to find and dine at the best eateries across the United States.

When Resy approached Webstacks their website needed structure to help them keep pace with the rapid adoption of their software. And because they made Resy OS free to restaurants through June 2021, that growth was expected to happen fast!

As an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, we helped Resy leverage HubSpot's full suite of marketing technology to organize their design manager, provide documentation, implement process improvements, and build out reusable components for scale.

Here are some of the common challenges facing restaurant SaaS companies like Resy, and how our team of designers and developers helped them grow.

Running a restaurant during COVID-19 has challenges

With lockdowns happening across the world, restaurants faced an uphill battle.  They had to rapidly adapt to takeout-only operations, reduce occupancy for on-site dining, and add new safety measures - all of which added complexity and financial stress.

Unreliable income

Margins at restaurants are slim.  Because on-premise dining requires lots of overhead (e.g, rent, staff, inventory, etc.), and depending on how many tables you can fill each night, COVID-19 left many restaurateurs between a rock and a hard place.

New processes

Running a successful restaurant is all about efficiency.  When restaurants were forced to close indoor dining and transition to takeout only, open outdoor dining, and reduce capacity by 50%, these massive operational changes left owners frustrated and at a loss for direction.


Webstacks developers are extremely fast, responsive, and talented. Their approach to work directly with partners - without involving intermediaries like account managers - is a game-changer in this industry. Looking forward to continuing to build innovative products with Webstacks!

- Michael Greene, Director, Amex Global Restaurant Network

Supporting restaurants from day 1

Resy OS gives restaurant owners a complete suite of tools they need to run their business.

1. Improve customer service

Features like a mobile waitlist, choose your seating, customer surveys, and insight reports allow consumers to be comfortable, heard, and in control of their dining experience.

2. Improve margins

Restaurants that use Resy OS not only monitor their capacity and optimize seating arrangements, but they can streamline operations using a 360-degree dashboard.

3. Improve safety

Native features like contact tracing, takeout integrations, and tools for running virtual events give owners new ways to serve customers safely.

4. Improve customer satisfaction

Finding a place to eat during COVID-19 was a constant challenge.  With inconsistent information across restaurant directories like Yelp and Google Maps, outdoor dining popups, and indoor dining at 50% capacity, finding reliable options, let alone making a reservation, frustrated many.

Resy simplifies everything for foodies.

Don't call multiple different restaurants to inquire about dining options, times, and waitlists, use Resy to find open reservations at restaurants with their date, location, party size, and restaurant type filters online or through their mobile app.

Once booked, you'll receive auto-confirmation texts and reminders about your reservation.


Since day 1 of our engagement, the Webstacks team has been an instrumental part of updating our website design. They are extremely responsive. They have exceptional turnaround times. And while they are great at delivering the design my team envisions, they also know when and how to provide strategic recommendations. Working with Webstacks continues to be a pleasure.

- Michael F. Griffin, B2B Marketing Manager

Building websites that scale to meet demand

We pride ourselves on building websites that are beautiful, fast, and functional on every device.

Because COVID-19 was forcing the hands of restaurants around the world, Resy needed to be in a position to grow and meet the newfound demand for all-in-one table management software.

SaaS website scaling challenges

SaaS websites face a unique set of challenges. The primary challenge is balancing engineering resources between software product development and marketing website development.

Because SaaS company's success depends on having an amazing product, engineers typically need to prioritize building out new features, troubleshooting bugs, and supporting customers.

If engineers can't help with the website, what are marketing and sales teams to do?

Working with an embedded team

An embedded team is a partner company that is a natural extension of your team.  Resy hired our team of developers and marketing technologists to build a Hubspot CMS website that empowered sales and marketing team members to do their job independently of their engineering team.

Developing a website with HubSpot

HubSpot is the industry leader in marketing software for good reason.  With a suite of tools including landing page builders, marketing automation, a CRM, sales pipelines, and blogs, HubSpot has everything SaaS marketing teams need to attract, engage, and delight customers.


Webstacks has been very helpful in building out our B2B website at Resy and helping to drive the customer experience. They are always available and get things done timely and efficiently. The final product is always above our standards.

- Reed Marcus, Manager, B2B Marketing Acquisition

Building for scale

Building a website that can scale is like legos.  Websites need to have the right pieces, and teams need to know how to put them together. 

Besides a brand new website design, we were hired to optimize Resy's Design Manager.  To the untrained eye, the Design Manager might be intimidating, but with the proper development and onboarding, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool to grow your SaaS website.

With an optimized Design Manager, Resy's team can easily build and deploy custom landing pages using a collection of reusable components that are as easy as drag-and-drop editors.

Today, Resy's marketing department is practically self-sufficient, relying on Webstacks for only the most complex optimizations to help them become the #1 restaurant SaaS company.


The Webstacks team was just fantastic! Very responsive and did a great job. Keep up the great work Nikan and team!

- Edward Narh, Senior Business Development Manager

If you're looking to work with an elite-level partner, see why over 100 companies trust us to support their HubSpot CMS.


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