Optimizing Roofstock's Website to Increase Conversions 2X

See how we used the latest conversion rate optimization techniques and trust signals to increase Roofstock's conversions on their HubSpot landing pages.

Optimizing Roofstock's Website to Increase Conversions 2XOptimizing Roofstock's Website to Increase Conversions 2X

Increasing conversions with a high-performance HubSpot marketing website

Roofstock is an online marketplace for buying and selling turnkey rental investment properties. Their online platform offers a transparent and more efficient alternative to traditional investing.


Roofstock was seeking a partner to help manage their HubSpot blog and landing pages to increase signups and website visitor engagement. More specifically, they hoped to:

  1. 1.Increase signup conversion rates
  2. 2.Increase blog subscriber registrations
  3. 3.Increase average time spent on page

Earning customer buy-in by signaling trust

FinTech startups face several challenges unique just to them. 

Not only do FinTechs need to create brand awareness in a competitive industry, but they need to build trust so their customers feel safe handing over their hard-earned money.

Because websites are typically a company's primary growth surface and the first place a prospect will visit to learn more, Roofstock's website needed to signal trust from the beginning.

Our partner marketing team has been working with Webstacks for the past six weeks and their unique approach has not only produced results, but has also fostered a genuine relationship with our team. Their technical expertise in HubSpot has allowed us to quickly and efficiently scale our marketing initiatives while utilizing all of HubSpot’s advanced features. We’re excited to continue working with Webstacks and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any company looking to maximize HubSpot’s potential.

Satyen ChoudhuryHead of Growth Marketing

How to design a website that builds trust

Have you ever searched for a product, clicked a search result, immediately said, "nope," and backtracked to the results page? It has happened to all of us. 

What happened though? 

In the first 5 seconds, our brain sought trust signals and determined the site wasn't trustworthy.

Not only will untrustworthy websites not convert customers, but "pogo-sticking," or immediately jumping back the results page signals Google that the result didn't sufficiently meet your needs.

6 Trust signals customers immediatly recognize

Here are a few trust signals our brain instinctively looks for to make a simple judgment call: do I trust this brand to solve my problem?

  1. 1.Near-instant page load speeds
  2. 2.Clear, compelling website copy that speaks to the visitor's
  3. 3.Clean, responsive website design that is easy to navigate from any device
  4. 4.Evidence of "social proof," through testimonials and reviews
  5. 5.An effortless path to taking the next step
  6. 6.Security, privacy, and legal compliance

Because Roofstock is a FinTech startup, we had to deliver a website with an amazing user experience and provide value across every interaction.

Conversion rate optimization

As one of HubSpot's few Elite HubSpot Solutions Partners, we pride ourselves on extracting maximum value from HubSpot's suite of marketing tools.

To achieve Roofstack's business objectives, we leveraged the following features in HubSpot to improve conversion rates:

  1. 1.Developed engaging Calls-to-Action (CTAs) on all blog content
  2. 2.Added a static, non-distracting sidebar menu to share posts on social or view properties
  3. 3.Built a progress bar based on scroll depth to increase time spent on page 
  4. 4.Implemented a HubSpot lead flow to drive signups through a non-intrusive pop-up form
  5. 5.Organized posts into blog topics and created an easy-to-navigate menu

As a result of these optimizations, a beautifully redesigned blog, and improved page load times, Roofstock realized the following results:

  • A 2X increase in HubSpot landing page conversions
  • A 6.6% increase in average time on page
  • A 90% PageSpeed Insights performance rating 

Roofstock is a data, analytics, and investment platform focused on the single-family rental sector (SFR).


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