Chapter 01


Chapter 01


Why SaaS Websites Are Going Modular

The idea of a perfect website is dead. The days of one-time website projects are long behind us, as the most successful B2B SaaS companies are beginning to understand the value of consistently improving their website.

Companies who view their website as a one-time project are limiting themselves to a one-size-fits-all approach that quite frankly fails. Instead of meeting reusability and scalability, teams are stuck with a collection of standalone web pages serving a singular purpose. Unless you’re okay with spending $50k+ every 3-6 months to build a collection of web pages to make up a traditional website, your SaaS company should begin thinking about another approach to website building. Introducing Modular Design.

The problem with building page templates is they’ll always only serve one use case instead of multiple. The result is a website page template that can only fit one type of content instead of an array of content types.

So what happens when you design and develop page templates that only serve one use case? Teams end up with a collection of uneditable page templates unless they’re redesigned and tossed back into the development process.

If you don’t have a modular website, then you may have encountered any of the following issues:

  • Content editors will rely heavily on internal development resources that get pulled away from working on the product or have a lot of tasks on their plate that marketing requests are often deprioritized.

  • The website will become a design hodgepodge with no design consistency, creating a poor UX and lacking a professional touch.

  • Content editors and marketers are limited and can’t implement CRO strategies such as A/B testing, behavioral testing, and more without development resources.

Thinking modularly means thinking about websites as pieces instead of page templates. This web guide will show you how the most successful B2B SaaS companies have created a library of reusable website components that can be used interchangeably across their marketing sites.

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