Chapter 05

Transitioning to Modular Web Design

Chapter 05

Transitioning to Modular Web Design

Adopting the mindset: Your website is never done

When you decide to make the transition from the traditional approach to modular web design, here’s what you need to know.

What does it mean to adapt to the mindset that your website is never done?

You have to understand that the website will constantly change. The website should always be built upon, updated, and adapted — new features, new website components, and new functionality.

This leads to a continuous cycle of improvements and investments to drive great business outcomes faster than the traditional website approach. As the business grows and changes, so should the website.

If you believe that your website is going to reach a point of “finished” then the modular approach might not be right for you.

Plan the transition accordingly

As we mentioned earlier, modular web design involves more moving parts. A content management system that provides flexibility, reusability, and scalability is required for a modular website. Other tools for website behavior tracking, analytics, asset management, and performance should be accounted for.

In addition to the tech stack required, ongoing support from an internal team or digital web agency is needed to support the iterative process. You’ll need a team experienced with all disciplines involved in building a modular website and can tend to all ongoing requirements.

Perfection doesn’t exist

When you reach this stage of the transition, it’s crucial to drop the mentality fixated on perfection and adopt a new perspective on websites. Perfection is a moving target, and thinking modularly about your website will get you closer than any traditional approach to web design.

Wrapping up

Put an end to the days when traditional web design was acceptable. Start thinking about your website as a product of independent parts that are interchangeable, and start creating endless possibilities with modular web design.

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