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Our Methodology

It's time to turn your website into a product.

You don’t have to hire full-time developers, designers, and technologists to build and maintain a powerhouse marketing website — source an industry-leading product team that scales with you.

Success is never achieved overnight.

Webstacks partnerships are formed over quarters and years, not weeks or one-off projects.

Our greatest achievements have always been the result of continuous feedback, clear goals, and a shared vision. That’s why we pride ourselves in supporting the world's most innovative companies.

Under the hood

What you get with Webstacks

Scalable resources and transparent communication to help your business grow. 

  • A dedicated technical project manager who is accountable for the team's effectiveness

  • A dedicated customer success manager responsible for ensuring we continue to crush your goals

  • An agile, iterative approach — our process advocates shipping, shipping, and more shipping

  • A full-stack web team trained in modern web technologies and strategies

  • Price Predictability — priorities can shift without a need to sign another pesky SOW

  • A dedicated Slack channel — We live in Slack. That means instant feedback and no more annoying emails

How it works

A full-stack product team built to turn your website into your number one growth channel.

1Start with your designer and developer.

Build the core of your web product team.

Often the most overlooked yet important relationship in the website development process, we require both a designer and engineer on all our web product teams. These two roles, coupled with a technical project manager, ensure your website operations run like a well-oiled machine.

You can always add additional resources to your team based on your short or long-term initiatives.

Our roster of talent includes:

  • UX Designers

  • Frontend Engineers

  • Backend Engineers

  • SEO Analysts

  • Marketing Technologists

2Choose your sprint velocity.

Determine how fast you'd like to move.

Our sprint-based pricing embraces the best practices of the Agile methodology. Sprint pricing is based on the amount of story points and the number of people working on the sprint. At Webstacks, we estimate one story point to be equivalent to a single day of work. Then, build custom resourcing or select between our predefined pricing packages.

3Kickoff with your CSM

Start on the right foot.

Before your first sprint, our Client Success team will lead a kick-off call with both your team and the Webstacks team. On this call, we’ll introduce ourselves, get to know your team, discuss your goals and give you an in-depth walk-through of our process so we can hit the ground running. 

4Daily standups, backlog grooming, & sprint planning

Understand our regular sessions.

We set aside 15 minutes every morning to sync up and invite you to join. Our standups keep the team informed, connected, and calibrated throughout the sprint. Before each sprint, we host two meetings to ensure we tackle the work that matters most. First, during Backlog Grooming, we'll help you define, prep, and prioritize the tasks on a shared product board. Then during Sprint Planning, we'll assign out the to-dos and commit to accomplishing them in the next iteration to ensure we are hitting your key priorities.

5Bi-weekly release

We always stick to a predictable release schedule.

At the end of each sprint, you'll receive a release from us detailing the work we've delivered. We work very quickly here at Webstacks; because of this, the bi-weekly releases help keep everyone in the know about what is getting done.

Bi-weekly Release

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