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How Circle Retained Agility & Speed Amid Increased Website Stakeholder Demands

Read how our integrated and flexible website product teams allowed Circle’s marketing department to efficiently and quickly field and deploy important projects from its multi-stakeholder ecosystem.


is a global financial technology firm at the center of digital currency innovation and open financial infrastructure, bridging traditional financial systems and leading public blockchains to unlock growth for businesses and investors globally.


is a collection of standardized protocols for decentralized identity that can help make it safer, easier, and more efficient to do business across the transformative world of DeFi and Web3 commerce.


is an open-source, multi-issuer framework and governance consortium for stablecoins with a mission to provide the governance and standards for the future digital financial ecosystem.

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Situation: A Marketing Website with Growing Number of Dependent Business Units

Because of the quick-moving and shifting landscape of the crypto industry, for Circle and its financial products to operate smoothly and successfully, it needs the support of two additional business units: Centre and Verite.

Additional Marketing Priorities

Because of the important roles Centre and Verite play, Circle needed to put extra marketing muscle behind the purpose of the partnership.

Problem: Making Room for Centre & Verite Marketing Projects

By introducing an increased load of website projects, Circle needed to be able to quickly deprioritize, pivot, and reprioritize existing marketing website projects around Centre’s and Verite’s upcoming marketing needs. These important projects included:

  • A new Verite homepage, Partners page, and FAQ page

  • A new Center homepage

  • A “Circle & Verite” landing page 

  • A HubSpot dev-portal reskin

  • A major Circle global navigation update

Solution: An Integrated, Agile & Flexible Website Product Team

The main strength of an integrated and agile website product team—consisting of designers, developers, marketers, and a project manager—is how quickly it can pivot around the needs of multi-stakeholder ecosystems like Circle’s. 

Maintaining Agility & Speed Under Load

Five factors that allow Circle to maintain speed and agility throughout the deployment of these new marketing projects:

  1. One-week sprints

  2. Collaborative sprint planning sessions

  3. Brief daily update check-ins

  4. Scalable website product teams

  5. Internal retrospective meetings

One-Week Sprints

To accommodate Circle’s (and its industry’s) fast-moving nature, we instituted one-week long “sprints”—short, repeatable phases, typically one to four weeks long—during which Webstacks designers and developers collaboratively work on a stakeholder-aligned list of tasks.

These short sprints provide a flexible environment for quick project deployment, learning, reprioritization, and pivots—elements designed to handle the introduction of new tasks (like Centre’s and Verite’s) at a moment’s notice.

Collaborative Sprint Planning Sessions

Each one-week sprint was preceded by a sprint planning session.

During these meetings, Circle brought to light the important Centre and Verite projects, educating Webstacks’ integrated design and development teams on each project’s needs and timelines. Honest discourse and rigorous debate—a.k.a creative abrasion—were the goals.

This allowed the designers and developers to discuss, ideate, collaborate, and consult on system capacities and project lift until the alignment was achieved and a new list of tasks was created for the following week’s sprint.

Naturally, with the introduction of Centre’s and Verite’s new projects, originally-planned Circle tasks (limited by the original agreement’s scope) needed to be deprioritized. After close team consideration, these tasks include:

  • A project to refactor, clean up, and consolidate existing website components

  • An update to Circle’s legal pages

  • An update to Circle’s “OneTrust” cookies

Thanks to the flexibility afforded by the one-week sprints, Circle’s deprioritized tasks were immediately reprioritized upon completion of Centre and/or Verite projects, ensuring a quick and seamless transition back to originally planned projects.

Daily 15-minute Check-Ins

In addition to weekly sprint planning meetings, we implemented 15-minute daily morning check-ins, led by a Webstacks project manager, allowing all stakeholders (design, development, and marketing management) to align on the week’s progress.

Blockers were discussed, needs assessed, and—if necessary and able—extra resources allocated were necessary to retain speed.

Rightsizing Teamwork

The reality with fast-moving environments is that productive teamwork and collaboration are hard to achieve. Process optimization is iterative—especially with multiple stakeholders in the ring. Hence, it was eventually decided that daily check-ins were unnecessary. To preserve speed, we instead migrated to two weekly updates.

Scalable Website Product Teams

With the scale of the newly introduced Centre and Verite projects continuing to grow, all stakeholders eventually agreed that more development muscle was needed—especially for the HubSpot dev-portal reskin project.

Receiving the go-ahead, Webstacks immediately added two more seasoned developers to the integrated development team, precluding delays that would have otherwise been caused if Circle hired a developer internally or searched for a freelancer.

With the introduction of two extra developers, Circle could now focus on marketing projects for all three partners simultaneously.

End-of-Month Internal Retrospective Meetings

We also implemented end-of-month internal retrospective meetings where Webstacks designers, developers, and the team project manager huddle and discuss the month’s wins, losses, lessons, and process optimizations.

These allow our teams to iteratively tighten processes around Circle’s needs by uncovering opportunities to further improve communication, collaboration, and speed-to-market across all Circle’s marketing initiatives.

Outcome: Seamless Deployment of Centre & Verite Marketing Projects

Ultimately, agile process management involves small, iterative bursts of work built around constant collaboration and refinement toward the end goal of a superlative deliverable.

With all of the above elements in place, Webstacks can effectively field and quickly prioritize, pivot, and deploy new Centre and Verite projects (and if need be, additional stakeholder projects) that Circle brings to the table. 

Thanks to our integrated and flexible website product teams, Circle’s multi-stakeholder marketing website can evolve and grow at the pace of its products without bothering those products’ developers.

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