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Migrating iTrustCapital’s Website from WordPress to Contentful and Gatsby for a Seamless Content Editing Experience

Read how our team executed a seamless migration from a monolithic CMS to a headless CMS for a leading IRA trading platform in the crypto space.


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Who is iTrustCapital?

iTrustCapital is the leading digital asset IRA trading platform that allows clients to directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical gold in real-time through their retirement accounts.

Since March 2020, iTrustCapital increased its employee count by 623%, which now stands at over 200+ employees across the globe. iTrustCapital is valued at $1.3B, led by a $125M Series A secured at the start of 2022.

Problem: A CMS Architecture that Couldn’t Match Content Needs

A monolithic CMS is an all-in-one solution that lets users store, manage, and present content in one place.

iTrustCapital relied on WordPress, the most popular monolithic CMS solution, to meet their content demands of managing and publishing content. As a quickly growing software company, speed to market and scalability were key.

However, its content team found the WordPress UI clunky and difficult to scale, increasing their time to publish larger volumes of net-new content when necessary, including new landing page templates. 

In addition, iTrustCapital noticed its website was too slow and needed to make the content editing experience more extensible with a new CMS & frontend stack to stay competitive in the fast-paced crypto industry.

Their team envisioned a website technology stack that empowered its content editors to publish content without any complications, improve SEO by deploying a modern frontend framework with lightning-fast load speeds, and enhance the content editing experience through UI extensions and customization.

Solution: Migrating to a Headless CMS and React-based Frontend Framework

Webstacks recommended Contentful to function as the backend system and GatsbyJS for the frontend presentation layer of their website.

To meet their go-to-market timelines, the main challenge was migrating iTrustCapital to the new tech stack as quickly as possible, allowing their content editors to leverage the benefits of a headless solution quicker so they could better serve the needs of their audiences.

Drafting a Migration Blueprint

We kicked off the project by creating a migration blueprint that detailed:

  • How our team would reorganize pages and page components

  • How this would be done using a drag-and-drop editor

  • How we would migrate all of the content from WordPress to Contentful (being sure to mirror the existing WordPress website) using Gatsby

And do it all without losing any content or data in the process.

Setting up a staging environment

To ensure content was successfully migrated and appeared the way it did on the previous WordPress site, our development team built a staging environment. They did this for two key reasons: 

  1. So iTrustCapital’s assets weren’t at risk of being lost, and

  2. So our developers could safely test migrated pages to ensure they look and function how they should

An Efficient Testing Process

The migration from WordPress to Contentful was done on a page-by-page basis within the staging environment, allowing iTrustCapital to safely approve each migrated asset.

Throughout the process, we held training to show the content editors how to build pages using a drag-and-drop editor we designed and integrated into Contentful, as well as how the content on each page could be edited.

A Seamless Drag-and-Drop Experience

To ensure content demands would be met, our team reorganized page structures in Contentful with an integrated drag-and-drop functionality allowing for a quick and easy handoff back to iTrustCapital’s marketing team to leverage, build, and publish any new website pages without the need for a developer.

Mirroring the Old Website Using Gatsby

Back in 2006, Amazon found that every 100ms in added page load time cost them 1% in sales. A fast-growing company like iTrustCapital can’t risk losing business from poor website performance, leading them to choose Gatsby and its host of performance benefits.

With the staging environment in place, our team was able to begin migrating over 600+ existing pages to the new Contentful solution using Gatsby.

After migrating and testing the presentation and accessibility of each piece of content, their team was notified for the final say.

“We were able to do it in a non-destructive manner. If ITrustCapital didn’t approve of a migrated asset then we simply removed it without harming anything.” - Kiko Estrada, Engineering Manager

When it was exactly as it appeared on the original website, all iTrustCapital had to do was point their DNS name servers to Webstacks’ Gatsby Cloud instance to push the migrated pages live to Contentful.

Results: Staying Competitive in the Booming Crypto Industry

iTrustCapital’s headless CMS migration was completed in less than one week, compared to the expected thirty-day timeline.

This meant three things:

  1. All of iTrustCapital’s content was successfully migrated to the Contentful backend.

  2. The marketing site was completely mirrored, making all the content dynamic and editable as promised.

  3. Their Engineering team stay focused on their product and didn’t lift one finger during the migration process.

In addition to having a blazing-fast website with the help of Gatsby, iTrustCapital’s team now leverages Contentful’s CDN delivery network, robust extensions, and modern UI to produce content quickly, create new content at scale, and ship it out faster to their end-users.

All while the migration was being resolved, the leading IRA trading company was preparing for a huge round of funding. Shortly after the successful migration, they secured a Series A valued at $125M, vaulting iTrustCapital into the unicorn stratosphere.

The adoption of Gatsby and Contentful now empowers their team by:

  • Meeting their team's content demands by offering a better content management experience and increasing publishing speed across all their digital channels.

  • Providing their customers with a customized and personalized website experience.

  • Improving website performance to meet their SEO and WebOps expectations.

The iTrustCapital team is extremely happy with how quickly they can iterate their website using the structure that was implemented, achieving first-to-market velocity with the migration from monolithic to headless to remain competitive in the booming crypto industry.

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