Why HubSpot CMS is a No-Code Platform Perfect for Marketing Teams

Eric Izazaga
Eric Izazaga
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If you’ve read our previous blog on the benefits of hosting your website on HubSpot CMS, then you know that HubSpot’s platform is more than a content management system. HubSpot’s no-code platform gives marketers full control over the content of a website.

HubSpot CMS Eliminates Friction Between Web Developers and Marketers

Marketers want to change things all the time, as they should in today’s world. Developers are the opposite as they prefer not having to change things around so often, as expected.

Friction between developers and marketers only exists when their CMS can’t give marketers the freedom to make edits. As a result, development teams are on speed-dial.

The problem is that developers don’t want to build the same thing over and over again only for marketers to come in and make simple changes. It may not seem like a problem, but it begins to pinch development teams over time.

Marketers feel the same pinch when developers don’t have the bandwidth to constantly be in a rebuild mode. If your team encounters similar problems, then a no-code platform like HubSpot may be in store.

HubSpot’s CMS eliminates the friction between developers and marketers with its no-code platform, which is a way to build web and mobile apps without knowing code.

This enables organizations to be more flexible and build tools without having to get development teams involved every time. Pure productivity and more fun creating for marketers who are up for the challenge. 

No-code Makes Content Management Easier with HubSpot CMS

Developers know how to code. Marketers may know a little bit about code from the times they shared lunch with a developer or learned for the first time how to inspect a web page. Still, there is a huge gap that must be filled in.

HubSpot’s no-code CMS platform bridges the gap between developers and marketers by providing an easy content management experience that saves developers time and gives marketers more power.

With 60% of marketers creating at least one piece of content per day, they must have the flexibility to work their magic to bring in more leads or increase their brand awareness. Every marketer’s agenda is different, but they all share the pain of not having enough flexibility to produce and publish content when working on a traditional CMS.

HubSpot’s CMS is more than a CMS website builder. Developers are still in charge of constructing the playground that marketing teams will play on. But the difference is that once it’s complete, they are no longer needed for any content changes. Marketers are free to horse around on the playground, and we mean that in the most productive way possible.

Developers will have to spend time building modules and templates, or they can opt to recycle from the HubSpot marketplace. Yes, developers still need to do a little bit of work.

But with marketer-friendly content editing interfaces on HubSpot, marketers can easily create and update content using HubSpot features such as drag and drop page editing, page styling tools, and SEO tools that help optimize content without holding a developer’s hand.

Web Development Teams Create an Empowering Experience with No-code

HubSpot CMS allows developers to use their preferred tools to build a website that marketers can take advantage of. The problem with any traditional CMS is that developers aren’t able to build the empowering experience that HubSpot advertises.

A traditional CMS can guide you through using the CMS, publishing blog posts, and creating landing pages. The only issue is that developers find themselves building the same thing over and over again and don’t have the opportunity to bootstrap projects or get a head start.

Developers on HubSpot CMS will thrive using their no-code platform, saving them from having to build everything from scratch. Building something from scratch is more painful when marketers are constantly having to make changes to the website or any other content material that needs attention.

Any traditional CMS doesn’t allow marketers to do as they please without having access or having changes made by a developer responsible for the module or template.

The empowering experience isn’t using no-code. The empowering experience is being able to build a website with no code and handing it off to marketers to work their magic, saving development teams time and effort that can be used to build more modules and templates.

Marketing teams can now edit, create, and duplicate as many pages as they’d like. I enjoy having the ability to create and manage all the blogs within HubSpot without having to loop someone every time.

Marketers Can Optimize Content with HubSpot CMS Tools

Now that no-code is explained, let’s dig deeper into what makes HubSpot’s CMS empowering for marketers. The platform offers marketers advanced tools that can be used without the help of developers. The stage has been set by developers for marketers to take and thrive.

With HubSpot's built-in SEO tool, marketing teams receive recommendations on how to best optimize any website pages, blog posts, meta descriptions, and more! The tool will show you where the changes must be made and give you a reason why. HubSpot allows you to fix the problems right away by fixing them in the editor.

Another awesome tool that HubSpot CMS offers marketers is their topic cluster tool. This tool will keep all your SEO efforts alive by creating topics and connecting subtopics to the main course. The point of this tool is to find the best opportunities to rank for specific keywords or phrases.

The tool also measures how your content performs over time, giving marketing teams insight into their marketing efforts. HubSpot also offers marketing teams to create, schedule, and send emails to any contacts in the system at any given time.

Call-to-action buttons can also be created and tailored to any specific marketing campaign that is in progress. Create the CTA and ship it without the help of any developer.

HubSpot CMS brings developers and marketers together

Any no-code platform that exists is capable of helping developers create websites or applications with pace. But HubSpot’s CMS platform is a no-code website builder that brings developers and marketers together.

We can all agree that there are complex problems that developers should focus on than building every time. HubSpot CMS will continue to be the perfect platform for developers to build a website while being the solution for marketing teams to make all the content changes they wish for.

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HubSpot CMS Eliminates Friction Between Web Developers and Marketers
No-code Makes Content Management Easier with HubSpot CMS
Web Development Teams Create an Empowering Experience with No-code
Marketers Can Optimize Content with HubSpot CMS Tools
HubSpot CMS brings developers and marketers together