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Welcome to the Webstacks Blog 👋

Date IconJun 1st, 20203 minutes

Eric Izazaga

Marketing Coordinator

Welcome to the Webstacks Blog 👋 - Blog Post

On behalf of the Webstacks team, we would like to welcome you to our blog with open arms! We have created a space dedicated to speaking on topics that the Webstacks team encounters every day. Our goal is to report on the latest trends and topics in the tech industry and share any use cases, case studies, or first-hand experiences that we think can help you improve your business, craft, or individual skill.

Welcome to the Webstacks Blog

The web can be an intimidating place that many of us choose to avoid with its plethora of information systems—and I am not referring to simply browsing our favorite apps or perfecting our shopping habits since the majority of us are certified gurus when it comes to these things. I am talking about the codes, systems, applications, etc. that the webspace consists of. ‘Complex’ is a suitable term to describe this said space—but in the Webstacks blog, we will break down intricate topics with awesome storytelling that will make you feel at peace. The blog will equip you with credible resources and useful knowledge that will help you tackle any design, development, or system challenges that may arise in the near future.

We're a Team that Cares

“Creating content is important—sharing the content we create is the home-run hitter.”

Jesse Schor, Head of Growth

  During the last couple of months, our team has faced several challenging, yet exciting projects working with partners such as ServiceTitan, Remesh, Roofstock, and the list goes on. Our partnerships have helped us further ingrain our minds with the most advanced solutions in web development, web design, integration systems, and much more! We are dying to tell you about our experiences that are fueled by our passion for the industry. We want to ensure a comfortable experience. How will we do this? Hear us out.

What to expect from the Webstacks blog

Brutal honesty

Our minds feeds off honesty and transparency. The truth hurts, but the way we see it is that it is better to be safe than sorry. Our team is built on strong perspectives that fuel our passion to provide reliable digital solutions that we want to share with you.  

Ongoing curiosity

Being a technology-first company, we are always keeping up with the latest trends within the industry. We ask questions, come up with answers, revisit these answers, and make them better.  


You miss 100% of the chances you do not take. Because we are certified risk-takers does not mean we are attempting to shape your values. We are not always right, so we want to share stories where our risk-taking habits have boosted our confidence and knowledge while giving us a better understanding of the industry.  

Unsatisfying hunger

We are hungry to learn every day! Content management systems (CMS), user experience design (UX), and marketing approaches; we never fail to go above and beyond to find out more about relatable topics. This is the blog to check in starving for new insights and leave having satisfied your hunger.  

Wild imagination

Our imagination runs wild with all the resources that are available in the technological world. We have mastered the art of trying new things, which is an art that many people are not too confident in perfecting. Within these confines, our resources are yours too.

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We welcome you to our tech stack space with free admission. All we ask from our readers is to have a drink within reach and a snack to complement your choice of beverage. Sit back, turn your notifications off and prepare yourself to strengthen your understanding of an already complex, technological world - Subscribe now!


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