Designing a HubSpot CMS Website for Hatch

See how we developed a fast, fully modular HubSpot CMS website for Hatch, a communication SaaS platform for home improvement companies and call centers.

Designing a HubSpot CMS Website for HatchDesigning a HubSpot CMS Website for Hatch

Redesigning Hatch's marketing website with HubSpot CMS

Hatch is a high-growth SaaS company that combines two-way text, email, and phone communications into one collaborative workspace to help 1000s of home improvement and call center teams to increase close rates, shorten sales cycles, and boost 5-star reviews.

Hatch was seeking a knowledgeable development partner to design a modular, component-based HubSpot CMS website that would enable their team to grow without draining engineering resources from their product development team.

Working with a trusted partner

Hatch came to us in a tight spot and needed help getting to market fast. 

We needed an expert HubSpot CMS engineer. We had a very aggressive timeframe and extremely custom design. That's when we found Webstacks. Extremely professional process (Slack, Asana, HubSpot) combined with excellent developers. Hire them, don't think twice. They are worth the price.

Chris BacheCEO

As an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner, our team of developers and full-stack HubSpot marketing technologists were in a position to deliver. Besides getting to market quickly and launching a responsive, lightning-fast website, Hatch designing had a few specific goals:

  1. 1.Increase in organic traffic.
  2. 2.Decrease time to market for all things digital.
  3. 3.Increase in lead generation.

With its all-in-one marketing solutions, detailed learning academy, and flexible development system, HubSpot was a natural choice for accomplishing these goals.

Developing a SaaS company website that's built to scale

One of the unique challenges that face Software-as-a-Service companies is balancing engineering resources between product development and marketing website development.

Often, software engineers will need to focus on developing and supporting their company's product while marketing and sales teams that need updates made to the website are ignored.

Our deliverables were clear:

  • Implement Hatch's custom website design system
  • Leverage HubSpot's dynamic content tool, HubDB, to develop a modular content system

We needed a website that was aligned with our brand and could scale with us. I'm glad we hired Webstacks to knock this project out. There was no "Account Manager", which meant we worked with the developers directly - getting the job done faster and more efficiently.

Josh CarterMarketing Manager

As an embedded website product team, we plugged in directly with Hatch's marketing and sales departments to create a website that not only looked good but provided them with the tools and training necessary to scale without withdrawing critical resources from the engineering department.

Customize HubSpot Website Designs

Hatch's internal design team came up with a beautiful design system that would allow them to maintain a consistent visual identity across brand touchpoints.

Using HubSpot's Design Manager we developed five custom website page templates and three unique landing page templates for Hatch's inbound marketing funnel.

Utilizing HubDB for Dynamic Database-driven Websites

HubDB allows non-developers to scale marketing efforts with speed and efficiency. With legacy CMS platforms, updating content that lives in multiple places such as pricing tables, product catalogs, and author details among others, is a time-consuming process.

What if you could reuse these content modules, and have your updates automatically applied to every instance where that content module is used?

What if you could fill out a database just like you would an Excel spreadsheet, and be able to dynamically generate an SEO-optimized landing page for each row of data?

This is the value of HubDB.

By leveraging HubDB, our developers set Hatch's marketing and sales team up for success, with the ability to update their website on the fly, apply A/B tests, and run experiments.

Empowering Teams with A/B Testing and Experimentation

Any competent marketing professional will tell you that rapidly testing new ideas and iterating based on customer data is the key to optimizing conversion rates and building flywheels that keep customers coming back.

Hatch's modular, component-based website empowered their internal marketing department to ideate, create, and deploy rapid A/B tests without needing engineering resources.

With a modular design system, website admins can simply create new landing pages from a template (or customize their own with HubSpot's drag-and-drop Design Manager), add content, and create page variations to test their hypothesis.

Traditional Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla don't offer the same level of flexibility, customization, and native integrations with a suite of marketing tools.

Creating Inbound Marketing Content to Convert Website Visitors

Of all inbound marketing strategies, free tools remain one of the most powerful lead magnets.

To help Hatch educate prospective customers, our team develop a free ROI calculator that website visitors can use to discover how much revenue their sales team is leaving on the table. 

While these ROI calculators do not ask visitors to provide their contact information, they are persuasive ways for SaaS companies like Hatch to demonstrate their value.

Forging Ahead Together

In the end, Hatch received a beautiful website that was built to their design specifications and a robust HubSpot Content Management System that will enable their team to scale for years. 

They understood our business needs and executed. We are now seeing a huge uptick in inbound leads, and they continue to support us with further optimizations. I highly recommend Webstacks!

Josh CarterMarketing Manager

In the end, Hatch received a beautiful website that was built to their design specifications and a robust HubSpot Content Management System that will enable their team to scale for years. 

If you're looking for an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner to build a high-performance website, read our customer testimonials and talk to our sales team today!


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