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What it means to be a website product team for blockchain companies?

Blockchain companies require a specific type of parter to execute growth strategies within this emerging, highly technical sector.

With so many new blockchain companies receiving funding and needing to scale their marketing operations, we decided to put together a resource to help crypto startups avoid common mistakes.

You will be measured by your speed to market.

Funded crypto startups need to continue scaling. Their investors expect it, and so do their users.

When evaluating a growth partner, blockchain startups need to inquire about the team’s ability to turnaround work within the timeline of your product’s roadmap.

Because we work with some of the fastest growing blockchain startups including Circle and Blocknative, we choose to work in one week sprints paired with daily, scrum-style standup meetings.

Sprints and daily meetings allow us to move fast, cover what was accomplished the previous day, what will be focused on next, and remove any blockers that may throttle our team’s velocity.

You're only as good as your tech stack.

For every incredible borrow/lending protocol, decentralized exchange, or yield aggregator on Ethereum, there are dozens of novel competitors that spring up on Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and other chains.

So how do you know which protocol or layer 1 chain is the best?

You have to look at the tech.

Similarly, picking the right blockchain growth partner should come down to the marketing technology and web development stacks they are comfortable using.

  • Are they managing version controls with Github?

  • Are they building websites with leading frontend frameworks like Gatsby.js and Next.js?

  • Are they developing headless CMS websites with platforms like Contentful and Dato CMS?

  • Are they able to configure robust data analytics platforms like Segment and FullStory?

  • Are they knowledgable about marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Zapier?

  • Are they equipped to develop custom integrations between your tools?

These are all questions you should ask the growth agency you’re looking to hire.

Choosing a company because they are affordable can be more expensive for you in the long run if their developers can’t deliver the scalable, high-performance website that your team (and investors) expect from a funded startup.

Full-Stack Means Full-Stack

Not every growth agency is equipped with the team to deliver the full scope of services your startup needs to reach scale. Some agencies may specialize in web development, while others are only equipped to handle content development or Paid Media.

When you’re hiring a growth partner, make sure the agency can fulfill your primary scope of work, and don’t be sold solely on a partner that offers a “full-scale” solution.

If you need a partner to design, develop, and scale a marketing website, evaluate them on that project alone. When the time comes to hire for other marketing services, you can inquire about what else your growth partner is capable of delivering to a high degree of quality.

Continuing with our web development example, make sure their development team can:

  • Create a website with a clean, Web 3.0 design and component library that matches your brand

  • Configure the content modules of your headless CMS

  • Develop the website with lightning fast frontend frameworks like Gatsby.js

  • Integrate with custom APIs either to your software or other tools in your marketing stack

  • Optimize your developer documentation portals

  • Work within your team’s preferred tech stacks

  • Your team, investors, and users have common goals. Ensure your growth partner can meet them.

Blockchain website design matters - a lot.

Blockchain, especially decentralized finance, is trying to subvert the status quo.

While the technology at the protocol-level is disruptive, without good UI/UX design and proper user education, convincing retail investors and institutions to adopt new software is nearly impossible.

When hiring a growth partner, ensure their design team has the skills to represent your brand's visual identity in all of it’s glory. Whether you’re embracing the full Web 3.0 look like Cosmos, or a more reserved, minimalist aesthetic like Arweave, your partner must be able to communicate your value proposition in a manner that captures your ideal customer’s attention

During the evaluation process, ask for design examples and inquire about the the design process to determine if they have the vision, tools, and talent to bring your ideas to life.

Traditional marketing operations are not enough.

Not all experience is equal.

Just because a 100 or 1000-person marketing agency wants to work with you, doesn't mean they have the processes and people it takes to scale a blockchain startup.

Not only is the subject matter difficult to understand, but the way it needs to be communicated, the audience it is intended to reach, the marketing channels needed to be managed, and the client expectations are much different from other industries.

Even today’s FinTech marketing agencies will require significant time to comprehend blockchain technology and lexicon to effectively scale their client’s company.

When evaluating a new blockchain growth partner, review the team’s blockchain case studies, customer testimonials, crypto blog posts, and case studies for service-specific work you’re looking to complete.

There is no substitute for industry knowledge

From Zero-Knowledge proofs to extracting meaning data from Ethereum’s mempool like Blocknative, blockchain technology is takes time to understand.

When selecting a blockchain growth partner, you need to ensure the team you want to hire understands your vertical to maintain your velocity and receive the right guidance.

While your partner doesn’t need to be experts on your niche within the crypto-sphere, they should have a working knowledge of common protocols, decentralized finance, dApps, and the demographics, motivations, and goals of today’s users.

A few ways you can gauge an agency’s understanding is reading through their case studies, reviewing content they’ve published on their blog, and throughout your initial conversations with your sales representative and company leadership.

If the team has a strong foundation of blockchain technology and Web 3.0 design trends, you can feel confident that they can deliver your scope of work.

Scaling blockchain startups requires a different vision.

Before you’re hiring a growth partner, put on your investor hat.

For crypto investors, the founding team is just as important as the underlying technology. If the vision is great, but the team lacks experience or strong leadership, the investment risk dramatically increases.

The same is true for hiring a growth partner.

You’re investing capital into a team of developers, designers, and marketers to deliver a specific scope of work, with certain guarantees on a tight deadline. If the leadership team has demonstrable experience helping other high-growth startups achieve the same goals as you, then chances are good that they can help you hit your investor’s lofty targets and push you to the next series of funding.

During your scoping calls, don’t be afraid to ask about the team with whom you’ll be working.

  • Who will your project manager be, and what other companies are they managing?

  • Who is the lead designer, and for what other companies have they worked?

  • Who is the lead developer, and what is their skill set?

All of these are fair questions to ask before signing a contract. If they’re a reputable company, they should have nothing to hide.

The more you know about who you will be working with, the more you’ll be able to make a well-reasoned decision.

Your website product team must be able to scale.

If your growth partner does their job well, you will need more support to shoulder the load. Before choosing a growth partner, make sure the team you’re looking to hire is capable of growing alongside you.

  • How long have they been in business?

  • How fast are they growing?

  • Can they handle more demand?

  • Are they hiring the right people to ensure growth surfaces are covered?

All of these questions will help you determine whether your prospective agency-on-record can keep pace or if they’re inability to scale could become a liability.

Responsive communication is key to increasing velocity.

Like shipping speed, blockchain startups that are working with distributed teams and remote contributors all around the world need to hire a partner that is highly available.

While you may not find agencies with a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA), there are some things you can ask during your introductory conversations to ensure you’ll be working with a responsive growth partner.

Let’s be honest: the last thing you want is to be left on, “read.”

Here's the problem: traditional marketing firms typically have a 24-hour response rate for emails.

With how fast the crypto market changes, communicating through email every 24-hours just won’t cut it. At Webstacks, we use team communication platforms and project management tools including Slack and Asana to remove barriers between our clients and their embedded growth team.

An embedded team model functions like a natural extension of your internal departments. Our developers, designers, marketing technologist, and specialists plug directly into your team.

Embedded teams eliminate project managers that gatekeep you from your growth team, and instead, you get direct - and many times, exclusive - access, to your resources.

If you have a different marketing communications tech stack and prefer Discord and Telegram, we’re happy to accommodate you where your team gets work done.

Not only do you get direct access, we’ve even been known to wake up at 3:00 AM to be online for 3:30 AM website launches. Hopefully you don’t need this level of support, but it’s one example of our willingness to go above and beyond for our blockchain clients.

Choosing a Website Product Team

Choosing the right growth partner that is capable of helping your startup scale at hyperdrive speeds is no small task.

Ultimately, you should look for a partner that can grow with you for the long-term. Let’s face it, changing agencies every 6-months is painstaking and expensive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you found your team from the start, and they could help you from Series A to IPO? That’s our goal - to help you scale, by any means necessary.

About Webstacks

Webstacks is a growth marketing agency that specializes in helping the world's fastest growing SaaS, FinTech, and Blockchain companies scale.

We have been fortunate to work with industry leaders including Circle, Centre, Blocknative, Calendly, Privy, ServiceTitan, Roofstock, Shopmonkey, and so many other amazing startups from Series A to IPO.

If you’re interested in working with company that truly gets blockchain technology and will treat your website like your engineering team treats your product, contact our sales team today to start a project.