Season 1 Episode 22: Why B2B Tech Content Strategies Can't Focus on Keyword Volume Alone

Rand Fishkin
Rand FishkinCEO
Episode Overview

In this episode, I sit down with Rand Fishkin, founder/ex-CEO of Moz and founder/CEO at SparkToro, to talk about the importance of understanding your audience's sources of influence, finding SparkToros positioning, how B2B tech buyer journeys have changed and many (if not most) marketers don't know how to catch up, as well as the problem with SaaS product design.

Episode Chapters

You can easily access chapters by hovering over the media player above and clicking "Chapters."

  • What is SparkToro? (0:58)

  • How SparkToro landed on "audience research" as a category (4:36)

  • What GTM motions are working for SparkToro (6:38)

  • The differences between Moz's and SparkToro's GTM strategies (10:47)

  • The main problem with B2B tech GTM strategy today (20:14)

  • The problem with most B2B tech product experiences (27:41)

  • How marketers need to approach keyword research differently (30:24)

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