Episode 21: How Brand & its Elements Help Boost B2B Tech Growth

Melissa Rosenthal
Melissa RosenthalChief Creative Officer
Episode Overview

In Episode 21, I spoke with Melissa Rosenthal, Chief Creative Officer of ClickUp, about how the meaning of "brand"—its different elements and the roles they play—changes depending on GTM strategy, especially in crowded categories. Melissa educated me on ClickUp's approach to brand and why they decided it would play a central role from the very beginning.

 Top episode segments:

(Easily access each segment by hovering over the media player above and clicking "Chapters.")

  • The different elements of brand and the roles they can play (6:23)

  • How Melissa turned ClickUp's product into a brand (8:47)

  • How brand can help penetrate new markets/accounts (10:00)

  • The roles brand plays in website UX (11:00)

  • ClickUp's approach to experimentation (23:38)

  • The future of B2B tech website experiences (29:44)

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