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7 Best SaaS Pricing Page Examples of 2023

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Table of contents

Why SaaS Pricing Pages Need Good Design

Key Elements of a SaaS Pricing Page

Best SaaS Pricing Page Examples

1. Hubspot

2. Retool

3. Gusto

4. Blocknative

5. Slack (Mobile)

6. Gatsby

7. Privy

SaaS Pricing Page Takeaways for Your Organization

Why SaaS Pricing Pages Need Good Design

The pricing page is one of the most important landing pages on your entire website. It's almost a given that every potential customer will view your pricing page before considering inquiring and making it further down the sales funnel.

Therefore, it is critical to make the right first impression with your pricing page. 

Invest the proper resources into developing a sleek, intuitive, and coherent pricing page … and winning over those potential customers will become exponentially easier.

Whether your organization is overhauling its pricing model or wants to optimize for higher conversion rates, creating a captivating pricing page is key for any successful SaaS company.

In this article, we will showcase effective SaaS pricing page examples that drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately create new customers. Let's dive into it!

Key Elements of a SaaS Pricing Page

What makes a SaaS pricing page great? Here's what gets potential customers to act.

Exceptional design layout

First and foremost, information on a pricing page should be organized in a manner that is easy to follow. This is most important for your pricing table. Pricing tables are best presented in a column format, and ideally, fit above-the-fold as best as possible. 


Support your value proposition and entices potential customers to continue exploring.

Pricing Tiers

Each tier should identify a target market and clearly articulate its value. Include features lists that highlight the significant characteristics or benefits each tier provides.

Free options

Consider giving potential customers the option to sign up for your offerings before sending any payment. Whether that is a trial or a very basic version of your software, this strategy reduces customers’ hesitancy and can boost your conversion rate. 

Toggles/ Tabs

Allow users to quickly switch between options if your pricing model is more complex. 


Unhide information that is less relevant, but still important enough to include on the page if a user wants more context. 

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

CTAs should directly assist and influence potential customers’ decision making - whether that is to learn more, talk to a sales rep, or (ideally) make a purchase.

FAQ sections

Address any and all recurring questions that potential customers may have. The more informed and confident a user is in your services, the better. 

Trust signals

A tried and true method for generating more leads is increasing your credibility. Add trust bars, testimonials, or customer reviews.

Next, let’s see these elements put into practice with our 7 best SaaS pricing pages in 2023!

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Best SaaS Pricing Page Examples

1. Hubspot

Hubspot Pricing Page

With perhaps the most dynamic SaaS company pricing page we’ve ever seen, Hubspot does an impressive job of making something complicated seem remarkably simple.

Check out the full Hubspot Pricing Page here!

HubSpot’s pricing page includes a number of tables for free tools, platforms, and bundles - all combined into one interface. Navigating through them is extremely intuitive, while the interactive toggles and adjusters add a unique element of engagement for the user.

Overall, we’re huge fans! 5 stars.

SaaS Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From HubSpot

  • 🧠 Intuitiveness

  • 🛠 Interactive tools

  • ❓ Vast FAQ section

  • 📞 Well-placed CTAs

2. Retool

Retool Pricing Page

Now, onto something a little simpler - Retool. 

A client of ours here at Webstacks, Retool is a low-code software platform for building internal tools. An exciting project we recently undertook was the redesigning of Retool’s pricing page.

Take a look at Retool’s pricing page for yourself here!

In our opinion, this page is exceptional at establishing authority and trust. It is relatively concise, but delivers all the necessary information. The “Cloud / Self Hosted” toggle and tooltips in the features section prevent clutter and make the page look sharp.

We’re really proud of how this pricing page came out!

SaaS Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From Retool

  • 🌈 Subtle pastel colorway

  • 🧹 Clean features lists

  • 🤝 Impactful trust signals

  • ✔️ Neat feature comparison table

3. Gusto

Gusto pricing page

Next up… Gusto! A leader in HR software, Gusto provides services for over 200,000 small, medium, and large businesses across the United States.

View the Gusto pricing page here!

In regards to their pricing page design, Gusto checks all the boxes for us. Every element is very straightforward, and the layout is super user-friendly. The use of tooltips and drop-down menus adds to the page’s cleanliness.

Even The typography, colors, and icons all compliment each other and fit seamlessly into the page’s design. The attention to detail here does not go unnoticed by us, Gusto.

SaaS Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From Gusto

  • 👈 Actionable headline

  • ✔️ Collapsable features table with tooltips

  • 🔌 Integrations bar

  • ❓ Extensive FAQ section

4. Blocknative

Blocknative Pricing Page

Moving into the world of crypto, we have Blocknative. Blocknative is a data monitoring platform for blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Another Webstacks client, Blocknative counted on us to build a new and improved pricing page around their updated pricing model.

Here, we really wanted to embrace elements of Web 3.0 design that we already implemented across Blocknative’s website. This includes things like gradients, futuristic icons, and dark mode.

Explore Blocknative’s pricing page here.

Given the complexity of Blocknative’s pricing, we added a second, separate table that breaks down each tier further.

Blocknative Pricing Breakdown

This is definitely a more unique approach to pricing table design, and it allowed us to present each tier and their subsequent plan far more orderly. For example, the tiers in the first pricing table were turned into tabs for the second table. This greatly reduced the amount of space and scrolling required.

This pricing page came out amazing, and Blocknative could not wait to push it live!

Read our Client Story on designing Blocknative's pricing pages here!

SaaS Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From Blocknative

  • 🎨 Web 3.0 stylistic design elements

  • 🆓 Freemium plan

  • 🤝 Trust bar with reputable crypto companies

  • ❓ Relevant FAQ section

5. Slack (Mobile)

Slack Pricing Page Mobile

For our best SaaS pricing page examples, we had to make sure to also include a pricing page in mobile layout.

Oftentimes, organizations can neglect the importance of user-friendly mobile design. Especially for pricing pages, it can be challenging to create an excellent user experience with such limited real estate.

Slack was able to achieve a responsive and mobile-friendly pricing page with a few unique features.

We recommend visiting Slack’s pricing page from your phone here.

First and foremost, mobile pricing pages make the most sense when they are easily scrollable. 

With this in mind, Slack makes sure each section is short and to the point. This way, users are not endlessly scrolling (and not leaving out of frustration). 

Instead, Slack inserted buttons for users to click if they want to learn more about a specific tier.

Furthermore, the page embraces an accordion-style FAQ, and users can swipe to view customer stories. All in all, Slack really took the mobile UI into consideration when developing their pricing page. Well done, Slack.

SaaS Mobile Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From Slack

  • ↕️ Vertical orientation

  • 📞 Well-placed CTAs

  • ❓ Accordion FAQs

  • 📖 Customer stories and trust bar

6. Gatsby

Gatsby Pricing Page

On to SaaS pricing page example number 6… Gatsby. If your organization wants a fast, scalable, and secure website, look no further than Gatsby. 

There’s a ton of takeaways for this pricing page. 

Get a closer look at Gatsby’s Pricing Page here!

It includes just about every element we hit on in the beginning: a smooth tagline, a well-organized pricing table, memorable tier names, multiple trust signals, tooltips and toggles, as well as plenty of FAQs.

Gatsby also included a section that showcases their customer support, which is a nice extra touch.

Hands down, one of the best pricing pages out there!

SaaS Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From Gatsby

  • ✨ Elegant minimalism

  • 🆓 Free plan and Free Trial

  • ✔️ Collapsable feature comparison table

  • 🤝 Trust bar, testimonials, and case studies

7. Privy

Privy Pricing Page

Last but not least, we have Privy - the #1 rated Shopify application! Privy is another organization that Webstacks has had the pleasure of collaborating with.

While Privy has a 3-tiered pricing table, the main component on this page is the calculator.

Privy Cost Calculator

See the Privy calculator and entire pricing page here!

Developed by Webstacks, this tool allows Privy’s potential customers to approximate their monthly cost based on the number of email and SMS contacts. With these inputs, Privy will recommend plans to users.

Ultimately, this pricing page includes many valuable features that are directly tailored to Privy’s target audience. Other than being stylistically sound, this page addresses many of the questions, pain points, and interests Shopify sellers may have.

SaaS Pricing Page Design Choices We Love From Privy

  • ⬛ Purposeful simplicity

  • 💰 Interactive cost calculator

  • ❓ Thorough FAQ section

  • ⭐ Animated customer reviews

SaaS Pricing Page Takeaways for Your Organization

There you have it, our favorite SaaS pricing pages of 2023.

From our experience with SaaS websites, we believe everyone must treat their pricing page like they would any other core website page. If executed correctly, your pricing page can become your advantage in the heavily competitive SaaS industry.

In closing, here are some things to keep in mind when redesigning your own pricing page:

  • Having a sound pricing strategy and model will greatly aid the design process.

  • Do not overlook the mobile design of your pricing page.

  • Ensure your pricing table and copy are easily digestible for new website visitors.

  • Sometimes, less is more when it comes to information on a page. Avoid clutter.

  • Establish trustworthiness throughout the page.

  • Strategically place CTAs to move leads down the funnel and maximize your conversions.

Of course, we would be happy to discuss any questions your organization may have about SaaS pricing page design. Feel free to check out more of Webstacks’ creative services or contact our sales team to get in touch with us!

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Table of contents

Why SaaS Pricing Pages Need Good Design

Key Elements of a SaaS Pricing Page

Best SaaS Pricing Page Examples

1. Hubspot

2. Retool

3. Gusto

4. Blocknative

5. Slack (Mobile)

6. Gatsby

7. Privy

SaaS Pricing Page Takeaways for Your Organization


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