Episode 20: Rethink Your ABM & Web Strategy (Listen Up PLG!)

Chris Walker
Chris WalkerChief Executive Officer
Episode Overview

In Episode 20, I sit down withΒ Chris Walker, founder and CEO ofΒ Refine Labs, to talk about the bones he's picking with traditional B2B SaaS GTM strategy, the misconceptions most marketing leaders have around CAC/payback, and why PLG-only companies struggle with enterprise ABM motions (and vice versa).

Top episode segments:

  • The problem with CAC & CAC Payback in B2B tech (7:15)

  • Refine Labs' approach to website and demand gen strategy (14:28)

  • What Chris wishes more B2B tech websites would do (17:16)

  • Why PLG struggles with ABM, and vice versa (24:05)

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