Episode 17: Get B2B SaaS Competitive Strategy Right with the "Jobs to Be Done" Theory

Tony Flores
Tony FloresFounder of Growth Science
Episode Overview

In this episode, Adam speaks with Tony Flores, founder of Growth Science, a B2B SaaS competitive strategy agency. This episode is basically a follow-up to our interview with Jon Dome on the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory and framework, pioneered by Tony Ulwick and Clayton Christensen in the '90s to guide product innovation.

It has been typically harnessed by Fortune 500-sized behemoths. However, in this episode, Tony and Adam discuss:

  • How JTBD's complex product innovation framework can be simplified, massaged, and applied to competitive strategy, an element typically rife with bias in B2B SaaS, choking revenue engines across all industries.

  • How JTBD helps align GTM teams.

  • How JTBD can be used to lead content and website strategy.

  • The roles websites play in ABM/ABX, going upmarket, and customer marketing.

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